Stuck in a Barbie world

by Am_Kaur on September 5, 2014 - 10:51pm

Our society, has made a huge impact on young girls lives. Girls are constantly reminded on the way they should act and dress. In addition to this, they are encouraged to a great extent to apply makeup. Girls were taught from the start to act like a lady and to stay quiet while on the other hand, boys were not. They were expected to be aggressive and to express their opinion. The media has promoted women to wear makeup and to cover up their scars. Sadly, they are taught at a young age that the way they look is such an important part of their life. This is the way you want people to portray you.

Ironically, a girls first and favorite childhood toy is a figure that brings out this way of thinking. When girls are born, most of them grow up playing with Barbies. Barbie is popularly shown as a skinny, tall girl with blonde hair and blue eyes. Countless amount of girls want to be just like her. Growing up, playing with a piece of plastic has influenced millions of girls including myself what the true definition of beauty is. Girls feel the need for their body to be perfect just like the girls in the magazines. Most teens agree with the information magazines state and how they should look. Cosmopolitan, Seventeen magazine and many more have influenced numerous teens until today.


I am rather intrigued with this subject matter as it does highlight many important and prominent things in our society today. You do a great job in tying in the disparities between the genders and relating it back to media and its influence on society. I was rather impressed with the skill of knowledge you inserted in such a short piece. As I prowl the internet every day I always stumble upon articles and videos about gender and markets that divide sectors into genders. I fell upon this video here: You may find some interest in it. As well as this, I read this article about last week about sectored gender views ( It's rather interesting and holds a lot of potential for something to base some future works on.
All in all, I believe you have a strong base here if you plan to pursue this topic. I'm sure if you continue with this class and this subject you'll be able to find more but I hope I have managed to add in a little bit of a boost. Really good job and great work.

I completely agree with what you're saying that media controls the aspect of how young girls grow up. But one thing that many seem to forget is that it is not only media that pushes it, its other girls also that enforce it. If woman didn't criticize each other on such a harsh level and set high standards (partly because of media) we would not have such a high issue of this today, but we encourage the image were given, we encourage what we see and we continue to play it out without realizing the consequences. We help media continue the path it has by being vial to one and other, constantly judging a girls outfit, hair, make-up. Women don't fully realize that even small comments effect others self-esteem, we forget to take into account the smaller things in life and we allow ourselves to be the puppet to the masters of media.

A great link that shows partially what I am saying:

P.s: Great job on your work!

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