On The Road To Equality?

by Loveschool on September 5, 2014 - 2:36pm

In today's society, most powerful positions are held by men.  However, women are climbing to reach the same levels as men.  For example, the chairman of the Federal Reserve is presently a woman.  Be it, she is the first female to occupy this position, which is one of the most powerful positions in the world.  Furthermore, in the near future, a woman will probably become the President of the United States.  Hilary Clinton  is a potential candidate for the next elections.  There is a definite movement towards equality, even though it is a rather slow movement.  

Positions that were exclusively held by men are now held by women as  well.  Lawyers, doctors, CEO's, bank presidents,astronauts, and even Judge Judy are all females!  

The road to equality is somewhat narrow; however, as more and more women strive to become professionals, and compete for the same positions as men, that road will certainly widen.  Women will be recognized for their efforts, and will be appreciated and rewarded on an equal basis.  As women move up the ladder, female students will have more role models to emulate.  It will be impossible to attain 100% equality; however, it is moving closer and closer until one day men and women will become equal in every sense of the word. Then there will be less and less discussions and debates on the inquality of the sexes!


For more information: http://www.nbcnews.com/business/economy/move-over-merkel-yellen-may-beco...


I agree with what you are saying, for too long positions of high power were held by men and it's about time we have some women doing those roles. However it is not only women who are not seen enough in those positions, most visible minorities do not get the chance to be in those positions. Of course there is Barack Obama, who is the President of the USA, but other than him most positions of high power are held by white people, especially men. It is nice to see that women are now taking these roles but it would also be nice to see more people of visible minorities being CEO, Presidents and other high power jobs.

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