''Man Box'': A False Advertisement?

by Loveschool on October 16, 2014 - 8:51pm

Wow, the “man box” plays such a huge role in society. Why does it lead to negative thinking though? This so called “man box” is not your best option to look towards in life in my opinion. It’s just creating crimes, deaths and all in all negativity scenarios. When will men break out of the ‘man box’? Unfortunately, we may never know, but I hope it comes to an end someday. This box of words that is basically saying what men should be is creating a lot of violence in our society. Men can’t be fags, pussies, weak and so on according to this box. Why is this box telling or demonstrating to men what they should and should not be anyway? It doesn’t matter what men are going to be, every men have a different character, different feelings and also different mentality.

I don’t understand why this box is controlling men’s brain and basically powering them. I find that to be really absurd and stupid, (excuse me for my language) that a lot of men follow this ‘man box’. It gets me really upset to see the consequences of what the box is doing to man, and also those actions that are taking place by those men just so they feel that they are accepted in the ‘man box’.

An example of a situation to be accepted in the man box, for some people who haven’t heard about the man box is, a kid punches me in the face, so do I punch back or do I just walk away? Good question: If I walk away, the next morning everybody in school will call me a pussy, if I fight back, it’s ok, maybe Il die or suffer a concussion, but at least my friends or classmates wont call me a pussy for backing out of the fight. So this ladies and gentlemen, is the ‘’Man Box’’, I know, its really sad how society relies on stuff like the man box, but how can we change those thoughts around?

This link is about an interview with Tony Porter who is disguising of breaking out of the ‘‘man box’’ http://mariashriver.com/blog/2014/07/breaking-out-of-the-man-box-interview-tony-porter-omega/


Your title captivated me to reed deeper into your article, I thought it was interesting how you were saying that man-box is false advertising. As much as I agree with most of what you say and that it is very unfortunate of how men are being portrayed in our society today, there is one thing that stood out to me from your post. When you said that ... "saying what men should be is creating a lot of violence in our society" I wouldn't be ready to say that the man-box is saying that men should create violence, but I know where you could be coming from. On the other hand I do agree when you talk about a scenario where a guy would punch another guy and he would have to fight back to not be seen as weak by his peers. In class we have even talked about how on top of their gender affecting the way a man is seen their race also come in play as well and have an even bigger effect sometimes. As a girl I even feel like this man-box is affecting us in some way. It talks about so many things that we see women doing and men being forbidden to do such things, like crying in public or not expressing weakness and doing man things. This man box reminds me of when I used to go watch my friends soccer games and practices. I was a guys team and the coach would always shout at them and tell them to stop being weak like girls and kick like a man when they did one little thing wrong. This so called man box makes me wonder how women are seen in society, if they can't do such things as 'being like a woman', what is 'being like a woman even suppose to mean'?

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