The Man Box

by max54321 on October 17, 2014 - 6:15pm

The man box is about how men are “supposed” to act in today’s world. It is said to be “the rules for acting like a man”. The man box states, for example, do not cry openly or express emotions with the exception of anger; be tough, athletic, strong and courageous; and view woman as property and objects. If a man is seen having a tough day, he will be told to “man up” and “get over it”. However, if the same would be happening to a women, she would be comforted. This is not right! The man box makes men believe that they are dominant to women, creating something called a “Dominator Culture”. This type of culture and way of life leads men to believe that they can disrespect, and abuse women and other men also. 

Another example of the man box can be found in the movie “Saving Private Ryan”. In this movie, one of the captain’s men, who was also his best friend, dies in battle. The captain does not want his men to see him cry, so he goes in a corner to let his emotions out because he doesn't want the other men to see his real emotions. This scenario is similar to the way most males feel. They do not want anyone to see their true emotions because that would be perceived as “unmanly”. However, men should be allowed to express themselves the way they want. This is why the man box should not exist!



Your title caught our attention because of its originality and it intrigued us to find out just what the "man box" referred to. Furthermore, we agree with what you stated above that men aren't supposed to show their feelings based on societal expectations of how they're supposed to act. They are considered to be "weak" or a "wuss" if they cry, when in reality everyone is human and have our moments when we need to let out our emotions.
This topic ties in with the discussions we have in class about sterotypes with different races and genders. For example asian parents have high standards for their kids and they're supposed to be good in school and excel in topics such as math or science.
Further topics that could be discussed would be how different races associate different standards based on genders (roles, expecations, etc...)


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