Humanity's Fight

by AngGee on October 16, 2014 - 8:40pm

As much as society would like to peg woman as a leading cause for "de-masculization" it seems that more and more its the realization of young men that the roles society has determined for them are not as glamourous as Hollywood makes them out to be. Why is it that stoic is the best attribute to discribe strength? The lack of feeling something, anything really, is what makes men more "manly".  Not being able to face or accept their emoptions is what seperates them from being a wuss or a pussy. Emotional pain is what makes humans capable of compation and empathy, is it not? So what society is really teaching young boys and men is that their humanity is unbecoming of them. Its an obsticle that needs to be over come and as quickly as possible.

What so many don't seem to notice is that by doing so you place limitations on an entire gender. Much like the the reasons for the feminist fight, men are being attacked and pushed into a corner. This corner is more formally known as the "Man Box".  The future generation of males is looking up to the current "manly men" of today's society. Unfortunatly for us that means the cycle is going to be repeated and most probably modified to toughen up this new less masculine era that will be making up society. The man box entails the conformation of all males to a role. A specific quantity of characteristics that define a masculine man. These attributes more often than not include adjectives such as; stoic, aggressive, dominant, sexual, fearless, etc. As well as being forced to limit one self to a handfull of human traits men are often policed, ridiculed and bashed, if they step out of the confinements of this box. Being called names like pussy, fag, and bitch. Even more unsettilling it's not just men that do it women do to.

After having a look at some of the words attributed to males does anything strick a cord? Have you made a corrilation to any other form of discrimination? Well, if you haven't yet guessed it's feminism. How many of these masculine attributes directly affect the way men not only treat women but are also a diciding factor in how women of today's society are forced into a role as well. This is to say that in order for our society and the future generations to change and improve we must all come together and fight agenst the stereotypes that plagued both genders. It's not enough for women to fight on their own, men need to have a say in why woman are of an equal caliber. If this is to ever happen though it is the place of women to fight for mens liberation from the man box that confines them from speacking out and helping to make a difference.

If you'd like to read more about it, here is a link talking about men's role in feminism and includes Emma Watson's HeforShe speech:




Your post caught my attention because I liked what you said about how society is encouraging men to detach themselves from emotions and characteristics that make them human. I agree with that point and find it ironic that society would teach some to be, in a way, less human than others. I don’t see the advantage in doing this because displaying emotions is an important part of our mental health. The emotional difference between men and women is not significant so why do people act like it is? The whole idea of gender is socially constructed, and in this way gender is similar to the concept of “race”. Men and women are not psychologically dissimilar; it is the society around us that moulds us to fit certain criteria. This is comparable to how physical traits do not correlate with personality; socialization is what determines that. I disagree with your point that men of the next generation will most likely be subject to a reinforcement of their “Man Box” values. I really think there has been an improvement over the years and individuals of both sexes are learning that there is no need to succumb to traditional gender roles. I believe this is similar to “race” in the sense that through increased awareness more people are beginning to understand that this concept is not real and hopefully will cause the issue of racism to diminish over time. I find it ridiculous that society currently places so much emphasis on concepts that aren't even real. It makes no sense at all in my opinion and progress should be made to alter this.

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