Are You A "Man"?

by Am_Kaur on October 18, 2014 - 11:41pm

Being human today in 2014,simply isn't enough both males and females live under extreme stress to live under the norms that we as a whole claim to be "normal" or "right.If you want to be a "man" you must act, dress and be a certain way. For example the concept of a "Man Box", is when males have to socially conform to being a certain way. In this so called Man Box, there's words to describe how a typical "man" should be such as strong, in control, powerful, rich and then on the outside of the box's it says queer, mama's boy, weak, fag etc. This Man Box, happens to effect many boys, they are afraid to be themselves, because they feel that they will get bullied. Society, has made a major impact on teenage boys and even grown men, with this kind of mentality not only is it emotionally draining it effects your physical health. 

As a man, you must have a "perfect body" just like all the men, in the magazines or shown in the movies. The way the society wants men to be like has changed, for example Batman, the difference in the way Adam West looked compared to Ben Affleck. Another difference is James Bond, the way Sean Connery looked compare to Daniel Craig. These examples show that in this society men and women must look a certain way, for them to feel good about themselves or for others to like them.If they also have a bigger and stronger built, they can use it to protect themselves,meaning that having intelligence doesn't mean much to anyone as long as you have money, are tall,strong and handsome.  Another massive part of being a man, is playing sports and being good it, it shows that you're dominant. As man you must never show your emotions or else you're not a man. For many men not being able to show their emotions will effect them and currently do,subconsciously these ideas and concepts of living have a strong impact on both genders. Believe it or not, many men feel that suicide is the only options because they don't want to tell anyone how they feel. 75% of the people who commit suicide in the world are men. 


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This post caught our attention because the issue of being a "real" man is a big problem in our society. Media such as television and social networks are not helping the society to live as we want to. Nowadays, people have to live like what they see on television, which is not normal. According to media, girls and boys have to act and be a certain way to follow a particular trend. People are going outside of what they actually are. As much as people are following certain norms made up by the society, individuals from certain race are unfortunately victims of stereotypes due for example to their skin color.

In conclusion, everything today as to do with what the media want us to be. Men have to be muscular, in control, powerful, etc. Women have to be beautiful, sexy and be able to cook properly. According to races, Blacks are supposed to be athletic individuals as well as Asians have to be perfectly good in school (mathematics). This reality makes no sense. Everyone has to be themselves and only themselves.

Here is a video where we see Indians girls trying to be like Indians model. This is an issue because these little girls are betraying their own skin color to become lighter.

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Nice article. We are certainly living in a much more complicated and stressful time. Multimedia really affects every facet of our daily lives, from the way we act to the way we think and look at ourselves. The Man Box is an issue most of the population never heard of - it is real! Boys, as much as girls, are pressured to act and be someone that should conform to the social norms established generations before ourselves. Boys at a young age, must learn to control his emotions or else he'll be branded as a "pussy". As that boy become of age with all his bottled up emotions ready to burst, he can only turn into violence as a way out. Our society is raising anorexic girls and violent boys and multimedia and our flawed social construct has everything to do with these.
It seems like being "yourself" is becoming more and more like unattainable because the society we live in today essentially dictates what type of person you should be and how you should look like. Very disturbing indeed.

I love the fact that you refer to the man-box because it is definitely a big issue that is rarely discussed. Even though men have this expectation to be the strong, handsome man in the movies, in reality, many men actually put up a front so that they LOOK like a real man to the world, but are actually 'less of a man' then they appear. This front is sometimes known as the "Tough Guise" front and the reason they put it up is so they can avoid being called humiliating things like 'pussy', 'fag', feminine and so on. If they don't learn to put up this front, then they risk being seen as less of a man. The man-box makes it hard for guys to be themselves, because if they do something that is not considered manly, they will be criticized for it. I think that men (as well as women) should be able to be who they really are without having to put up a front that masks who they really are. As you said, our society is disturbing.
To find out more about the tough guise front, you should definitely read the following link:

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