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by Not Chance on September 11, 2014 - 5:24pm

Professional Women:  Never forget the goal

I recently watched a video in class showing women talking about the difficulties and hardships of being their gender in this world. One part that took my interest was the talk about professional women, and how they are treated and talked about in contrast to professional men. This post is essentially a collection of my thoughts and experiences in dealing with this topic in the working world. 

Having worked different jobs in many different environments, I have had an amazing opportunity to watch how women try to progress in a business professional hierarchy. I have seen how much harder women need to work physical jobs just to keep up with men. With that being said, many women don’t make it easier on themselves because I tend to notice a level of over compensation in general attitude when it comes to management. I’ve watched rotations of managers and assistant managers in a large store, noticing who tends to become power-happy and who maintains their sights on continuously moving up the ladder. These women have gotten into management, and then settled. They got authority and suddenly their ambitions to move up the ladder dropped. They seemed content with it and none of them set out to make a real difference in terms of their departments or the store. It seems their focus went from becoming successful, powerful women, to prideful, abusive people. The problem is however; many people (especially the older generations) do not look at the foundations, and how hard they had to work to get there. Women are indeed underestimated, and the things I have heard said to even the above listed are shocking for this day and age. I feel like it is getting easier as our countries press forward for equality and acceptance of others, and well, I’m quite sure it is. Most of this issue lies with the older folks that were brought up in a society much different than ours. Many of them grew up in a world with massive amounts of racism and sexism. It is up to our generations (70’s kids and up) to make a difference, and we are, and we will continue to do so. My advice is, focus on your goals. We’re in a century of change and it is only 2014, never settle for anything but the best. The people who say you can’t – we can’t are the ones who are holding us all back from progressing further.  The women I mentioned above settled for less than the best, they forgot their goals, and they became exactly what they were up against when they first started out, thus, never making a move for change.

If you’re interested in the film, you can check out the IMDB here: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1784538/

Perhaps these are isolated incidents to only where I work, perhaps not... what do you think?

(PS: I do feel its necessary to include that many, many male bosses are referred to as "assholes" by the way, women tend to be called "bitches" but I think thats just because a lot of people tend to consider "bitch" as the female counter-part for "asshole". (Do note that I do not think it's okay to call anyone a "bitch", in my personal opinion i feel it is a very harsh and strong word in comparison to the other insult.))


I chose to respond to your post, because the title immediately caught my eye and it made me want to know more about it. Also, I chose your post because it was very clear and while is was reading it, I had a very good understanding of your article. I find it is sad that women are underestimated in jobs and that they are constantly compared to men. The issue dealt in your post can have a relationship with black and white skinned differences. Men being white skinned and women being black skinned. In the article entitled, “Race and the Construction fo Human Identity," it is mentioned that there is a difference between black and white culture and the dominant culture is “white”. Therefore, the link is that men have more power and are better than women; also they dominate women. Moreover, in your post you argued “how much harder women needed to work physical jobs just to keep up with men”. In the video entitled "Hanging On", on the NFB website, it is discussed how black people have to work harder in order to stand-out in their jobs and to do “good”. The link between these two situations is that women, being black skinned, has to work harder than men, being white skinned, in order to be as “good” as them. Finally, I think that it is sad to think like this and women (black) should not be inferior to men (white). Why do you think people keep following this stereotype? How come women are seen inferior to men? Aren’t humans supposed to have equal rights?

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