Why are women simply objects for mens desires?

by MeowMix on September 10, 2014 - 9:24pm

As a woman I have been subjected to cat calls, inappropriate comments and the occasional groping; which at least one happens on a daily basis. Now the big question is ‘Why is this okay?’ or better yet ‘Why do men believe their entitled to treat women as objects of THEIR desire?’  In the media today, all we see in advertisements are women being objectified to sell products, being eye candy in the film industry, or simply the beauty pageant industry. How is this supposed to help women gain respect, if we as women cannot even walk down the street without being cat called or my favorite one being told “I have something for you to choke on”, men walk in the streets with ease, yet if I do not have a man by my side to lets say ‘protect me’ I am subjected to this behavior because I am considered weak to the power he holds. Yes, I understand “we live in 2014, it’s different now” considerably yes woman have more rights, we have better paying jobs, and were not seen as animals, but this is a different era where we as women are being condescended upon without really making it shown, the public is unaware of the damage the media has done to tarnish the name of women and the fact it has over emphasized the power men still hold to this day.

If I am unable to walk down the street in heels, pants and a shirt without having a full up and down stare, cat calls, and being stopped by a man/men all in one night; God forsaken I make a comment, It is my fault because I asked for it by wearing that attire; That to me is not equality. Yet we are fed that women have rights, we should be happy how far we have come, and I am but we still have a long road ahead of us.

A question I’d like to leave for some men that might disagree with me: Why is it okay for you to look at a woman, call her names, and visually have sex with her in your mind? Yet when it comes to your own daughter you would kill the man who you see doing the same thing you just did to that woman?


A great news article showing this http://www.cbc.ca/newsblogs/yourcommunity/2014/07/woman-confronts-cat-callers-with-hidden-video-camera.html