by Jc17 on September 11, 2014 - 12:42am


                           This has been a long time issue of any drivers. Every people are used to say that male is a better driver than females. Everyone thinks that males are the “KING OF THE ROADS”, they can outrun any female drivers in the road, and we thought that women are not good enough when we talk about their ability of driving. We may also think that they are all risky drivers. But according to statistics and insurance companies, Females are safer drivers than males. Men drive faster and break the laws more often they always want to race. And most Men are driving while impaired of alcohol and drugs. Maybe females are always slow on driving a car that’s why they don’t get into a lot of troubles unlike Males. And Females pay cheaper on their Insurance.



                                This was important topic for me because everyone should be aware on how’s their driving. I am driving too and based on my own experience, I always get mad at some female drivers, because they drive too slow and park too slow. But on the other hand, its better to drive slow, because it can make less accident and mistake. My Dad always told me to Drive “SLOWLY BUT SURELY”






Who are safer drivers Men or  Women.





I really liked the subject you chose; it is a small issue but that can be transmitted in a bigger one: female oppression. In my own experience, my guy friends always brag about being better drivers than any girls in my group of friends. It is offensive because they have no justification. In your article, I liked how you established your point and how you provided a link to statistics on safe drivers. The readers can create their one opinion and see the truth because of it. However, I think there is a lack of date. Here is some more information on the subject: in this article: wrote by the Reader’s Digest editors, they mention that psychologists are not able to determine whether a men or a female is better at driving. It might be just the overconfidence of a male or safety of a female. It depends on every individual.

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