Happiness is everyone's first choice

by abbeynormal on October 22, 2014 - 8:33pm

Recently a co-worker and I were discussing certain documentaries being aired at a local university, when the topics of controversial subjects come up; one of which was homosexuality. I find it very upsetting that it is considered a controversial subject; what makes them any different than any one else? Do homosexuals not feel? Do they not want the same things others do; love, family, friendships, good jobs, etc? Are they not contributing members of society? Sadly most people don’t see this as being the case. Being homosexual, even in 2014, is considered a disease; a burden that is thrust upon the family and friends and the individual.

But being homosexual is no different that being an artist for a living, as opposed to being a doctor. Whatever truly makes a person happy and makes them feel whole is what they will choose to do; go to college, or not, choosing a certain profession over another, choosing to get married and have a family or not. All these choices made by every single person out there are something that they will argue is made because of who they truly are and what truly makes them happy. So how is it different to force a person to be “straight”, compared to forcing a person to be an insurance salesman instead of a teacher, which is their true passion?

The worst is when people believe this is something that is learned; that being a homosexual is something that is chosen to be through media and through exposure. Tolerance now is conditional and still very ignorant.  https://www.facebook.com/ST0PH0M0PH0BIA/photos/a.263637353841949.1073741830.263256313880053/305424842996533/?type=1

I especially appreciate people like Neil Patrick Harris (yes, I know very cliché but what can I say? I like the guy). This man despite all the worst assumptions about gay men, despite all the protest against gay marriage and gay parenting, comes out hitting! His dedication to his children and to his partner is beautiful and inspiring. This is why I will finish my post with wonderfully happy quotes and pictures from this man, putting a little smile into anyone’s day, and showing that homosexuality is nothing to be feared, simply accepted into the norm.  




I agree with you when you say that even in 2014, homosexuality is considered a disease. I don’t think many people would argue when saying that the idea of homosexuality has made great strives over the past years, with many states legalizing gay marriage. Even with states legally recognizing these partnerships, there is still a huge stigma behind homosexuality. Two of my family members are gay; I have grown up with them having same sex spouses. I truly believe that because my family is open and have taught all of us children that there is nothing wrong with it I do not have a problem with it. Happiness is happiness. No one can tell someone that they are wrong for what makes them happy. You cannot decide whom you love, whether it is male or female.
One of my best friends recently came out to me that he was gay. I was one of the first people he told, I had my assumptions, but I refused to bring it up with him until he came to me. When he did he was so nervous, he had no idea how to tell his family members and how his mother would react. Eventually he told his family, not one person in his family was upset about it. His mom and I have had heart to heart conversations that she has told me, it does not bother her one bit that he is gay, she wants more than anything for him to be happy and be comfortable with himself. I think that if people worried more about making themselves happy instead of worrying so much about what other people are doing that they would realize that homosexuality is not as big of a deal as they make it seem to be.

I totally agree with your point of view and think that you have really understand and explain the true reasoning that everybody should have regarding homosexuality. You have exposed a view that is not enough claimed in societies. This opinion could be attached to Bentham’s utilitarianism and to the Social Contract theory because as says in the article it promotes happiness for gay people and does not impact life quality in society. More specifically, according to the utilitarian theory, people should decide freely who they like because it does not create any pain for others. If we were to use the hedonistic calculation, it would assuredly create more happiness to allow gay couples. On the other hand, it also fit the definition of Social Contract morality because under the veil of ignorance it would be considered right. In short, the veil of ignorance is what a human being would consider to be moral if he did not know his place in society. Indeed, seeing two men or women loving each other should not cause disturbance to people because it is part of personal life and does not impact wellbeing in society. In conclusion, I find your article brilliant and think that your reasoning is worth claiming all around the world.
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