Fake has become the new beauty

by 03102012 on September 11, 2014 - 3:54pm

    Fake has become the new beauty



As time passes, women seem to be a lot more in the media than before. However, is our presence seen the right way? By no means! In every commercial, video, movie and picture, you will definitely see some skin. My question here is why? Why do we as girls need to show our bodies as if it was the only thing interesting about us? Well the media sure makes it look as if it was. All we see is the outer beauty, the beauty that people invented. The perfect girl is the girl with long blond hair, blue eyes, long lashes, nice smile, beautiful long legs, big breasts and the most important trait is to be a size 0. Due to this absurd image that society expects from us, all girls THINK that this is true beauty. Their first reflex is to resemble this doll we created by not cutting their hair, getting some colored lenses, buying some fake lashes, putting braces, always showing their legs, not eating as much as they wish they did. All this to please the world that doesn’t even show us the full respect we deserve. Why should we continue to try satisfying people when deep down inside, we're not satisfied with ourselves? We are women. We have a lot more than just a great body. We're intelligent, we never give up, we're strong, very strong, we're loyal, etc. I won’t write it all down for the simple reason that I would never finish, but in a few words: most of the things we do, no man can. For example, men think that we should stay in the kitchen and feed the kids, right? Of course. Nevertheless, what man can go to work, come back home, do all the dishes, do the dirty work, and make something to eat every night, AND take care of his kids. A man would never survive in the skin of a woman. So here’s to all the women reading this; just remember that no one can tell us what we’re worth and never forget that everyone is beautiful in their own way because, last time I checked, beauty had no definition.


I agree with what you have stated in your article above. In the 21st century, women are seen as sex objects rather than a human being that can have just as much power as men do. It’s ironic when guys say that they want a girl that dresses “sexy” but when they see women in provocative clothing and they get rejected by them, these women are called names like “slut” or “whore”. But if a woman were to be dressed in casual attire, men wouldn’t even give them the time of day. For example in the class discussions of race and racism, if we were to compare a woman who was raised with a Muslim background compared to a woman who was raised in our society today, a man of today’s society would not given give the Muslim woman a second glance (potentially due to her background or her choice of clothing that is significant to her religion). It is sad how some men judge a women by what they wear instead of getting to know them better first. What some men fail to understand is not everything that women do, is for men. Women can dress nicely for themselves without needing a man’s approval. If women feel the need to dress provocatively to get a man’s attention then clearly our society is sending out the wrong message.

Reading this made me feel a little uncomfortable because of the many generalizations. However, you made some good point that I can agree with, such as the fact that women are viewed as "sex objects".

That being said, your generalizations about men are too extreme. It's not gender that determines how you act, your skills and your personality. Some men are capable of doing acts that you described as "female only". Also, society and media created a picture of the "perfect woman", however I disagree with you that all women want to follow that model.

The issue of women being portrayed in a stereotypical way relates to my class' topic being racism. Just like different "races", the media portrays women in a way that not all women relate to which can lead to psychological problems. Media gives a general idea of what a "race" or gender should be like. I would suggest you to explore your ideas more and taking a man's perspective as well since your post is not neutral enough.

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