Not so Tough After All

by Sparkles1401 on March 22, 2016 - 8:34am

This article is very straight to the point. It talks about masculinity and how it is directly linked with all the school shootings that happen all over the world. These school shootings all have one thing in common and it is the fact that the shooters are all white, middle-class males. When looking at this fact, it is very concerning since this category of males are the ones said to be the leaders pf society. If they are supposed to represent power and good leadership why is it that they are causing all this harm to innocent people?

The writer of this article clearly states that the way men are brought up makes them act in such an inhuman way. Men, from a very young age, have been taught not to show emotion because it makes them seem weak. They learn to keep all their sadness, pain and fear inside of them. They are strongly encouraged to be tough. The only emotion that is socially accepted for men to show is anger which results to violence a lot of times.  In the article: But What About Men? On Masculinity and Mass Shootings by Meghan Murphy, Jackson Karz, a filmmaker tells us that "Men are rewarded for achieving certain goals and for establishing of dominance through the use of violence." When men show anger or get violent, it is as if they want to prove that they are dominant. Not only that, violence amongst men has become much normalized with the media.

Violence is everywhere whether it is in a movie, a video game or even in sports. People fight for a living like the wrestlers and boxers. They get paid to fight and people pay to watch people fight. How crazy is that?  Little boys from the age of eight play video games like Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto where the main objective is to kill people. If boys get exposed to violence from this young how do we not expect them to be violent in the future? They grow up with violence and eventually violence is who they become. This is why men are the main cause of all the crimes in our society. In the documentary Tough Guise 2 it says that "99% of murders are committed by men, 61of the 62 last mass shootings have been committed by men." When looking at these statistics, the results seem unreal. Clearly there is a concerning problem with how some men are brought up and we have to find a solution as soon as possible in order to put an end to all these crimes. We have to teach men that it is ok to show emotion and that violence is not the right way. 


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Interesting article! The fact that it has so many examples of situations where unnecessary violence by men was used helps people realize that these are not isolated cases, but are a recurrent instance. I must however say that it is not because these shooters are part of the “leaders of society” class that they should automatically represent power and good leadership. One could argue that it is the fact that they are part of this group of people that incites them to act with such violence. The problem lies in the fact that when these men, who are supposed to represent hegemonic masculinity, cannot conform to the values pushed by society, feel that the only way they can regain/obtain this masculinity is by committing acts of extreme violence. In other words, they believe that they have no other choice than to kill people to prove their masculinity to those who might that they are not “manly” enough. I agree with you that violence has become normalized in society through movies and sports, and that this is a growing problem in society, but it is a problem because men are taught to think that violence is the one of the ways to prove their masculinity.
Although I believe you are acquainted with this concept, there is a very interesting article about hegemonic masculinity and all its ramifications in society on Wikipedia: