Advertising, enemy of women

by Chalk on February 14, 2016 - 10:19pm


            In the world of commercialization, every company tends to stay above one of the others. The goal is to survive in the market’s world by selling the most of their own product as fast as possible. The number one thing that they tend to use is woman because this attracts a lot more viewers to it especially males. As one of the biggest sellers of deodorant, shampoo and beauty product, Lynx (Axe), they tend to always use women and a man in their advertisers to show the important thing of what a man can get if they bought their product. However, the problem is that they use the women in an inappropriate way, and it affects a lot of controversy in the woman’s right.

            First of all, their advertising shows a side of sexism because they need women to sell their product. Nonetheless, the women that the advertising shows are the most problematic thing. There a lot of things that can be wrong and taken in a wrong direction just by looking at this ad in example. The woman here is very attractive, light skin, showing a lot of skin, a perfect body, and makes a very provocateur pose. The pose tends to be very sexy and attracts the viewer especially male that looks at it. This way of showing a woman is destroying their own image in a world of our generation. The reason is that it makes the concept that every girl needs to be this sexy or this beautiful when they walk out of their house. Therefore, it makes that being beautiful is like a crime or something uneasy for women or vice-versa meaning that if a woman is not beautiful enough, then she is not worth to be approached. For the case of if a woman is too beautiful for others, it can make a clear separation between the beautiful ones and the others because the other women will think that it is unjust that they aren’t on the standard of the world perception, and the beautiful ones get more advantage than the rest of the female group. They get to be treated well; they get more attention and many other benefits.

            There is also other thing in the advertising that is pretty wrong. The background can be considered something very attractive in a sexy way and the slogan “The cleaner you are, the dirtier you get” too. The background is a beach and by knowing that it is a beach, people can already expect women in bikini even though there is only one. Also for the slogan, it can be taken in a very explicit way because the word dirty in the slogan can be referred to a horny sexual way. This way can provoke certain elevation of testosterones in some of the males’ body, and they tend to buy this product because of this sexual aggression by this eye contact.

            Women aren’t supposed to be treated differently than men in any way of our daily life. Using women in a sexual way is saying they are just a toy of something inferior that people can mock, but this is wrong. Women are strong and very responsible and even more than men, but that this doesn’t mean they are better than men. They are there to complete men and vice-verse, and the goal is that each other can complete the weakness of the other one.

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