Unrealistic Curves

by Hockey101 on February 14, 2016 - 7:28pm

     Women are constantly portrayed as sexual objects in everyday advertisements. Women are set to achieve unrealistic physical standards and the effects of not achieving these standards can be extremely harmful for women. Women are constantly objectified in advertisements and the sole purpose of having them in the advertisement is to show off their perfect curves. In this advertisement, the company Protein World is using an image of a young girl with an unrealistic body shape to sell their protein.                                                                                               

     Firstly, the woman is barely clothed and she has extremely curved features. This company is setting a completely unrealistic body image that women need to obtain. The woman in the advertisement has a large chest, extremely curvy hips and is very skinny at the waist. Most women dream of having a body like this but in the real world, a body like this is very hard to obtain and quite unrealistic, especially for women who bare children. Women for the major part struggle to reduce their weight to what it was prior to the birth of their children. Advertisements are constantly setting an unrealistic bar that women need to meet. The woman in the advertisement is only used for her curvy features and large chest. She is being objectified for her features and would not have been used in the advertisement if she were less curvy or flat chested. This is extremely problematic because women will always feel like they need to live up to the standards in advertisements. In Anthony Cortese’s, Constructed Bodies, Deconstructing Ads: Sexism in Advertising, says, “The pressure to conform to the provocateur image can result in depression, eating disorders, and poor academic performance” (Cortese 13). These problems are extremely severe and they all stem from the unrealistic beauty standards that are portrayed in advertisements today. These advertisements lead to all sorts of health related issues that can be life threatening for young women.

     The messages that are portrayed from these advertisements are disgusting and are a terrible influence on the young audience. Advertisements like this send the message that women are used purely for sexual purposes and should be viewed as such. This upbringing is what causes that typical male stereotype that all men use women as sex objects. Not only do these advertisements hurt young females but they are also instilling the wrong values into the minds of young boys. These advertisements are extremely dangerous for the young minds of children and they seriously influence young individuals. These advertisements influence young girls to stop eating in order to lose weight and wear a small dress size. These advertisements influence young boys to treat women as sexual objects that are only there to satisfy the needs of men. Advertisements like this need to stop and if I were able to change this advertisement I would definitely not put a picture of a ridiculously skinny young woman. I would put a picture of a group of people, men and women, working out at the gym and showing the gradual change of the bodies, almost like a before and after effect. This would avoid exploitation of a woman and everyone would be able to relate. If they would see a group of people working out then they would be able to relate to the photo and basically the message relayed would be that working out would achieve the end results.

      Advertisements like this must come to an end. These advertisements cause serious physical and psychological pain to young women everywhere. If advertisements like this were to stop then there would be a lot less objectification towards women and men would stop thinking of women as sexual objects.



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I completely agree with you about the fact that women are represent, most of the time, as a sexual objet and that the perfect body that we observe in some publicity is unrealistic. According to me the perception of the perfect body depends on where you live and when you live. Your post is clear and very well structured but, if I were you, I would have create a link between another country such as india because in this country, round women are a symbol of life and fertility. According to my source (http://www.jesuiselle.com/sante/12-faits-qui-prouvent-que-les-femmes-ron...) If we go back in the years of the prehistory, women had busty curves and that is what mens were looking for. Moreover, there is more oversized models nowadays which means that we may be in the process of gradually reconvert the image we have of the perfect women.