women who dress promiscously have no self-respect ?

by DiamondChance on September 16, 2014 - 10:24pm

Women are judged daily on how they’re dressed. Why is her shirt exposing her breast? Why are her jeans so tight? Just because a woman decides to wear a tight pencil skirt above her knees along with a shirt that emphasizes her breast, it doesn’t mean she has no respect for herself! Don’t base people on how you see them dressed. People are supposed to be based on their character, not based on their clothing and how they choose to wear their clothes. A high paid lawyer could dress as if she were going to the club and look like a party girl, but in reality she could be a well-respected, hard working woman providing for her family. Get to know people before you pass judgment!!!




I like the way you went straight to your point from the beginning. It's short, and to the point. I agree with you that a woman is often judged by how she is dressed, and that even though sometimes a women dresses with emphasis to her assets, it does not mean that she has no respect for herself. But, I do think that sometimes some women go a little overboard, just to get attention from others. One thing I think these women don't realize is that not many people find this attractive. Sure, you'll have the occasional man that likes it, but some men actually like to see women dressed nicely instead of being dressed like she's ready to party. I agree that people should be based on their character and not their clothing, but why is it that they have to dress differently from who they truly are? Do they really need the attention that bad? It's hard to give respect to a person who dresses promiscuously. I saw this girl once, who was wearing a button-down shirt and a skirt. The skirt was so short that when she walked, it flowed from side-to-side, and everyone saw her butt. And the shirt only had the two bottom buttons tied, showing her breasts and bra. Sounds to me like all she wanted was attention, not respect. This link explains the opposing side of your argument: if you do not respect yourself, do not expect others to respect you.

You can’t pass judgement on someone by their appearances, what do you know about them to pass such hash judgements? I might not like your clothes but I’m not going to say that your intensions are to show off your skin and have everyone see all your assets, I don’t know that so how could I claim that? If you don’t know who that person is you can’t be so quick to say what you think that person is looking for and what their intensions are based on by what you see. You have no idea what that person has gone through and achieved in life that made them that way... This young lady you encountered wearing provocative clothing, do you even know her? How do you know what her intensions are and what she is doing with her life? You don’t know, you’re just assuming and going based off what you see. How do you know that she wasn’t overweight or something and finally dropped off the weight and is proud of her body? Third wave feminists state that people have the right to dress how they please, meaning that they should embrace their bodies .We all past judgement at first glance, but those judgements shouldn’t be so harsh without getting to know the person. The best quality that a human can have is to be understanding of other people and their circumstance before judging.

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