What Is The Man Box?

by the wop on November 3, 2014 - 9:41pm

What Is The Man Box?

                The man box is a metaphorical box that categorizes what a man should be (inside the box), and what they shouldn’t (outside the box). This man box was created by our society, and is policed by guys and even girls. This man box is enforced to little boys at a young age and they are taught to follow it and if not be called “gay”, “pussy”, “fag”, etc..

                It’s sad to say that we teach little boys these norms and values at a young age. It’s pretty much our fault that these boys grow up and become aggressive towards women specifically but also other men. Us, society, has created this horrible description of what our ideal man is throughout all these years and it’s time to change the description


I was really intrigued by the title, I wanted to know more about what the man box was and not it is clear. Society has created this box so man can be strong and they are taught to follow it at a young age which is sad. I agree with you, when you say that it is sad to teach these young boys the social norms created by society. Society is the main cause that man becomes aggressive because this is how society sees them. Today, we are not sure what the ideal man is since they are all the same because of the man box. However, I think that there is a women box for women. In society, women are seen as delicate, soft, and emotional. If women do not respect that, then they are seen as tomboy or lesbian. I think it is disgusting that people cannot be like they want because of these social norms created.

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