Violence Against Women

by equality on September 16, 2014 - 11:17pm

Violence against Women is from centuries and still continuing, and the horrible thing is it’s getting worst and worst day by day. Most of the women had experienced that they have at least an incident of physical or sexual abuse since the age of 16, and 67% Canadians says that they know at least one woman who’s been assaulted by this age. It’s even around the world women being abused, they are getting abuse by physically, sexually, verbally, Spiritual abuse, Criminal harassment, as well as financially. The worst thing is they are getting abuse by sexually (forcing to have sex, rapping) no matter what age are they, even though the age is 5 or 10. In these days now, most of the time especially in Asia in some countries teenagers are being rapped every single day, and the abusers do not even see their age, it just like their everyday routine now. Women should get freedom of it.

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What attracted me to responding to your article was definitely the title, because I believe that violence against women is a topic that should be brought to the public’s attention. Society tends to ignore the fact that violence against millions of women on a daily basis around the world. Although I do believe that these men committing these acts towards girls/women are well aware of their age. These men would harm, assault, rape young girls purposely because they see them as naïve, and weak, making these young girls the perfect targets for them. They target younger women because they see them to be easier to take advantage of. They see these girls to be inferior to them, similar to how typically white people would view other “races” as inferior, especially people of color. Believing that a group of people are weaker, lower in rank, status, or quality than you is the source of where these problems arise. The sense of feeling powerful, and dominant are qualities that are shared amongst these men and people who are racist. The concept of inferiority in my opinion is a socially constructed idea, because men were brought up to believe that they were tough, and better than women, and as for racism, the term “race” is manmade. Ironically white men were the ones that began to categorize people into various groups solely based on their appearance. No one is born with these ideas, but rather they are raised in an environment where these beliefs and behavior are viewed as acceptable. I strongly believe that we must focus on finding solutions that will prevent men from committing violence against women. I suggest you watch this powerful video that depicts a solution that should and can be made to protect women from violence.

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