Think Outisde the Box

by FabienLamour on November 3, 2014 - 8:17pm

     When thinking of "the man box" i can not help myself but to think of a man by the name of Michael Sam. He is an openly gay football player who almost cracked an NFL lineup and yes, he would have been the first ever openly gay man to play in the National Football League. This would have been a huge step for all gay's in any sport. Seeing as athletes are supposed to fit right into the Man Box by being strong, fast, athletic, emotionless and to get with as many girls as possible, it must not have been easy for Sam. There is no worse place than a locker room for the Man Box to be reinforced.  Being an athlete myself i can not imagine how much courage it took Sam to be able to tell family, friends, teammates and fans that he was not straight, but in fact in love with another man. Why are men always desperately trying to be part of the Man Box? It is ok to be loving and tender. It is ok to cry, it is only normal to treat woman with love and respect.


Here is a link for anyone looking to read up on, or get more information about what a Man Box really is;

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