But they are just words!

by AD on November 3, 2014 - 8:39pm

Alexander D’Ambrosio

But they are just words!


Society has come to point where they started to abide by how a man should be like in life by a box of words. A “box of words” is apparently what describes how a man should be and how he should act in society. If the man does not abide by this “box of words” then he will be turned down from society, he will not be accepted and no one will think he is even there. These words are so strong that in a certain way they depict how your life is going to go. Words like being strong, courageous, in control of everything and aggressive are all words that will “make you a man”. Words like these will haunt you for the rest of your existence with no mercy on anything. When they see that you are lacking one of the words in the “man box” they start calling you names which are not appealing at all. Our civilization is too obsessed in a way, where they think that if you do not have these key points/words of life  you are not human at an extent. It is very demoralizing to us men because of this box, if we do not follow one thing from it were not men!






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