There’s still a lot of work to be done.

by Unknowntoyou on September 15, 2014 - 8:59pm

We may know that a lot has been done so far for women. But not enough has actually been done. We hear constantly how women need to stand for themselves and need to unite and all that. But it’s not enough to stop there. Men play also an important role in this whole feminist movement. Most men perceive women as sexual object and that they’re supposed to stay in the kitchen. If men changed some of their values and morals, change would appear immediately. Teenage boys are taught to be disrespectful towards woman, and to treat them like absolute trash. They’re also taught that we’re supposed to judge them and rate them for their bodies. We see it everywhere, especially in the media, where all the action is at. Where all the ‘’slut shaming’’ and the judging is at. We need to start changing the way that people think. At a young age were taught that true  men are supposed to represent for high positions; like president and such. And that women, are supposed to stay at home and take care of children. We need to stop this patriarchy. The belief that man is supposed to be at the top of everything and that he can provide for the family and that woman need to be the stay at home mothers and nurture the kids. Women should have the same right as men, they’re only human and deserve as much as man do. I’m all for giving women power. Therefore it should help society with this-not a lot of men are for defending women and bringing them to the top. A lot of the men nowadays are still stuck in the past and need to move on, the world has changed; change needs to be done. The range of things that need to be changed for women are tremendous but it’s with time and constant telling people that our daily things need to change. The media is one of the worst broadcasts for women. It’s not only the media that is at the top of all this; sexual harassment and sexual jokes are made towards women. Despite it being very rude it is still seen as acceptable to do them. Like in the link below, our society is being poisoned and were falling for this. We’re being slowly brainwashed into thinking women are objects and sexual toys for our own pleasure. When will this stop? We need to take a stand about this matter. It’s not anything new, since the beginning of time women are known to be weaker compared to men. They are constantly criticized for being weaker and that they need to take position. Take a stand to support women, and don’t let it happen. Next time you see it happen, take a stand to protect the upcoming generation.


I completely agree with you when you say that men need to change their values and morals about woman. If men changed their values and morals then things would change for the better already, it would be a big step. Young boys are being thought at young age that girls are weaker and that girls cry, they show their emotions and they aren't as strong as men but if men changed how they saw woman then young boys would not see girls like that and again this would be a good change and can help towards stopping sexism against woman as you said. Like racism sexism is shown all over the media and is all based on stereotypes which are false, what sucks is that it might never stop even though over the years it got better as racism it might never be forever stop. Woman are making their places in the world getting higher jobs not sticking to the stereotypes of staying at home mom's especially single woman who work. They are the opposite of the stereotypes and it good that they do because they show they don't need the "male" who rules everything like in the older days. As racism, is getting better even though it is still very present more people take their place and their stand and have a voice. Here is a link of statistics on single working mothers really cool to look at. You're tittle catch my eye because there is so much work to be done not only for woman but for racism also and men need to work a lot to, as a whole we need to all change to make a change.

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