Should we consider her as a woman ?

by DiamondChance on November 26, 2014 - 11:39pm


Trangenders undergo surgical procedures so that they can fit into the bodies they desire, is it up to society to decide which gender classification they fit under once those surgeries are completed? Some people will argue for example, no that transgender woman isn’t really a woman because she doesn’t have ovaries and she can’t give birth to a child, how can she be a woman without ovarian tissue ?Other people will say the complete opposite; yes she fits into the classification as a woman because she has female genitalia and if she has a vagina she must be a woman. My belief is that it shouldn't be up to society to decide where a person fits in by their gender, all that matters is what gender she classifies herself as, and if she considers herself a woman we should address her as such simply because that's what she is. 

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