'The Red Pill' on Reddit - the most toxic community of male-supremacy I've seen in a while.

by Bunnyhugs on November 3, 2014 - 8:24pm

I frequent a few social media type websites, and it's kinda weird to see how people act towards certain things on each website. On Facebook, my friends more often than not react well to... 'objective' content. 



None of my friends would react nicely to any of this. (Look at the sidebar or any post in that subreddit.) But that whole section of Reddit eats that up, and they practically worship the idea. The Red Pill is a strange thing. Red Pill users believe there are two types of men. Alphas, who basically are living breathing examples of 'the man box' we have studied in class. They are sexually assertive to women, strong, emotionless, good-looking and generally the 'winner' types. Betas, however, are the opposite. They're not necessarily feminine but they're stomped on by Alphas because they're not assertive at all.

This is an extremist view, if you couldn't tell already,  because some of the things they believe in is downright disgusting. They believe women are absolutely nothing but sex objects - and women will use them for their own ends and only that. 

There are over 80,000 subscribers to that ideaology and probably more who just remain anonymous. Infact you see this kind of thinking even with talk-show hosts and other figures on Television. 

Now, the point of this being - what exactly makes this kind of thinking happen? Why do men (and some women) believe in this, it's nothing but destructive to both parties, but mostly to women since men have the control here. Is it fear among the men of this community - who are afraid of loss of control over women, do they need to compensate for something, even? We see some of the man box ideas here, but it's even more extreme. Some of the user comments point to self-esteem issues galore, and others point to a mindless need to conform with the rest. I see some begging for help from 'alphas' and others re-telling their success in dominating their wife or some other woman. 



The reason I chose to read your post was because your title described your topic in a very interesting and original way! As for the content of your post, it was very informative and I really enjoyed reading it.
I agree with your opinion that the alpha group, as the Red pill users categorized it, is as you said "downright disgusting." Not only is it disgusting but it's also a complete lack of respect towards women as well as the men who fall into the beta category. It shocks me to see that in today's society, these types of stereotypes still exist. We claim to have equal rights, yet these standards prove otherwise. However, it is not only women and beta males who experience this type of injustice as minority groups face discrimination and stereotypes every day as well. Alphas, just like majority groups, are normally seen as the strong, assertive winners, while women and beta males are seen as inferior beings, just like minority groups. Many people are blind to racism, as they either deny it or blame the victim, which also seems to be the case regarding male and female inequality.
As for your question "what exactly makes this kind of thinking happen?", I agree that it might be out of fear or out of hopes of conforming with the rest of the people but I think another interesting question that we can ask ourselves is what can we do to stop this? We take pride in being a democratic society where everyone is entitled to the same rights but by actively challenging this belief would individuals start to see the reality of it?

I found the topic to be quite interesting, as i occasionally go on Reddit from time to time, hence the reason why I decided to respond to your thread. I agree with your point, that this way of categorizing all men into only 2 possible slots is a simply disgusting. From my own experience, people tend to categorize things only because they've been exposed to this vague, highly-generalized portrait of what someone should be or how someone should act, and they're too intellectually lazy to put their view in question. Since people can say what they want in an anonymous way, someone's true thoughts are usually exposed in a very harsh way, and it is no surprise that so many people would follow. In general, men should not be categorized as being either dominant or submissive, but just judged based on their own individual character. But, hell, is this really just uncontrollable human nature or can people actually start thinking for themselves for a change?