In the name of feminism

by Ipoststuff123 on December 20, 2014 - 8:30pm


Anatia Sarkeesian, a woman who is right now trending on multiple social media websites with her analysis of the gaming world, she even was a guest on the Colbert Report, yet is her analysis really good for feminism. My take on the matter is that she is just worsening the image of feminism in the gaming community. This community whom was already represented by a large number of males, and who are usually seen a misogynistic people, which in my opinion is not the case are only turning towards the image that they are not because people like Anita Sarkeesian are creating a problem that is not real. My opinion was formed as I watched and read on her approach to the gaming world, she made a few videos portraying how video games viewed woman in general in these games. These videos were truly a scam as she would use out of context portions of a game in order to push her agenda that video games are ruining the chances that female gamers have in entering this world. An example of such can be found in one of her videos where she tells the viewer that in the game Hitman Absolution, the player is constantly encouraged to kill and use violence on women to achieve his goal. This information is completely false as the game’s main objective is to never kill anyone, the scene that she uses in her video is the only part where some woman are half clothed as the character is in a strip club. This is is only one of the multiple times she uses examples that have no correlation with her argument in order to convince the viewer that video games as a whole are bad for the integration of woman in this hobby. Also, she stated herself as an avid gamer her whole life, yet there is video proof that shows her stating that she never plays video games, this video can be found here: This was a conference she was giving in a college level. There are many ways that could prove that video games have never been the best place for female gamers, but Anita Sarkeesian uses the worst examples in order tot ry and prove herself and should receive a backlash for her misinformation. She has received backlash which in the form of death threats, but these threats do not represent the community as a whole. Because of these treats, Anita has gained a big support, yet her facts are still misleading and with not substance, if one truly an avid gamer, he could see that her examples are full of out of context portions of a game. This is why Anita should never gain more influence that she has gotten and should be ridiculed for her videos as she is not helping the cause but only putting it aside. It is not by lying to non-gamers that all video gamers are misogynistic that one will gain a real support to her cause.

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