Men aren't all monsters

by seanstiv on September 15, 2014 - 9:01pm

I’m all for equality and such but I’m sick and tired of men being labeled as evil savages whose sole purpose is to ruin the lives of women. Not all men are like this and yet we are constantly being portrayed as the essence of pure evil. I’m not saying there aren’t men like that in the world but it’s certainly not a majority and it doesn’t only include men.  We are constantly bombarded with messages of how men are all criminals, very rarely do we not see a man on the news followed by a title related to murderer and/or rapist.  There are good people out there, in fact more than you think. What I’ve noticed about the news media is that they always want to scare you and they enjoy blowing things out of proportion. I do sympathize with women today, what a lot of them go through is horrible and should never experience such things but surely you cant put the blame solely on men. The media plays a HUGE part in shaping societal views and our way of life. What they say we believe,  how they tell us to act, we act.


Your title attracted me as it stood out from the rest of the titles shown for this class. Your opinion is somewhat related to my class "The Myth of Race and the Reality of Racism" as both topics explore the idea of oppression based on a "oppressed" group. Most would say women are being oppressed but you believe that some women take it too far. Just as most people with racist opinions, take it too far. Personally, I completely understand where you are coming from. I have seen some extremely exaggerated feminist rants from extremists that bash men for being "men" and blaming everything on all men. I don't believe this is right, and as a women who does want men and women to be equal, I don't believe that equality will occur when the oppressed gender is blaming the "privileged" gender for all the problem. In conclusion, why do you think it is that some feminists put all the blame on men, and nothing else such as the media?

At first thought, I have to say that I do agree with the fact that not all men are criminals and evil people, but I also have to agree with the statistics to prove that men, in Canada, are more likely to commit a crime than a woman is.

For a moment, try to paint a portrait of a typical criminal. What do you see? If it matches what this link has as criminal profiling, then you can be sure that what we have on our hands not only proves what we think, but it also happens in real life: Check out the victimization chart as well, and this will give you a good indicator of how crime is perceived. Sociocultural and socioeconomic factors do play a major influence on who exactly commits crimes, why, how etc.

Violent crimes like assault or sexual assault have now been labeled as a man-aggressor crime. In a way, crimes are still being committed by men, and are further reinforcing the stereotype of a typical criminal, but this is one thing that is hard to change. Media does alter and sensationalize the news to make it seem like the situation on male criminality is worse than it actually is, and once again, we continue to watch and get scared when we walk by an alley late at night, when we just left home after watching a news report on alley killers.

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