Men and Women, same rights?

by jabless on September 16, 2014 - 10:45pm

Being a woman nowadays means dealing with a lot of problems. In our society, women have to be perfect: they have to be beautiful, kind, intelligent, ect. If they are not, what usually happens is that these women are not as prioritized as “perfect” women are, because they do not meet our civilization’s criteria. ! Then, why are we thinking that women are socially equal to men, when both of the genders are exposed to the same society and yet, no equality is visible.


It is probably because women started being equal to men only since a few decades. Men have been authoritarian toward women, even really rough with them. Even the society advantages men in many domains. For instance, for same tasks, a man’s wage is higher than a woman’s salary, and it increases even faster. Even if we could consider our society equal, we know that 70% of women around the world are treated as subordinates (Middle east, Asia, Africa, South America,…). So can we really say that men are equal to them? Absolutely not. 


Your topic caught my eye because it made me wonder if men and women really don't have the same rights. I disagree in part with this post because I feel like you're generalizing by saying that men have been really rough with women. Every country is different when it comes to the way they treat women, and comparing a country like Canada to a country like Afghanistan just doesn't seem right. As I woman I do experience challenges associated with my gender, though I know the blame shouldn't be put just on men, it should be put on the media and their influence on men and women. This is related to my class called "The Myth of Race and the Reality of Racism" because we, too, discuss the challenges that the oppressed group feels, though the blame is not just put on the more privileged group, as influence from other areas play a role in the issue as well. So I leave you by asking, are men the only issue, or do other factors play a role as well?

You said women today dealing with a lot of problems, is that mean that men are not dealing with problems? You said women should be beautiful, kind and intelligent. Is that mean men can be ugly, evil and stupid? Shouldn't men be also rich, strong and powerful? If a man is not, can we say that he is a perfect man? What you said is not sexism, it is between both men and women. The media told people what a perfect woman should be, but also told us what a perfect man should be. About the salary that you said, man need to be rich, man need to work to support the family. Now even most of women are working like a man, but a woman can have no work and live with the salary of his husband. Can a man do that?

I decided to respond to your post, because when I saw the title and thought it was captivating and interesting, because equality of men and women remains a controversial subject. I also immediately thought this debate could have an added consideration, as well as a comparison to “race” in our society. I can relate your comment about women having a lower wage than men for the same job to a problem we have seen in my “Myth of Race and Reality of Racism” class. We talked about the many people of other “races” than white that have a difficult time getting a job, although they might have a high education. For example, even if someone has worked in hospitals in foreign countries, employers sometimes won’t give them a job and don’t consider their experience, which is completely unfair. In addition, some employers simply reject a CV when they see a foreign sounding name. I feel as though this issue correlates with men and women inequality, because both of them have to do with unfairness because of a difference in appearance. Also, your post could be linked to the term “white privileges”, which is a right and advantage granted or enjoyed by white persons beyond the common advantage of all others. Like you mentioned in your post, men who are authoritarian and given advantages can be compared to white people who experience white privileges. We can consider and add to the issue you analysed the idea of race, by questioning if a white men would be equal to a black men and white women to black women. Considering the arguments I have mentioned above, I unfortunately don’t think they can be considered equal in today’s society, although they should be! I will conclude by asking you how you believe that inequality in men and women, as well as different races could be resolved.

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