Men and social constructs

by jabless on November 4, 2014 - 11:08pm

As shown in many magazines, Medias and television shows, women are more and more objectified, seen as nothing less than sexual tools or housewives. The objectification of women is amplifying. But what about men? Does anyone really think that men are not involved with social constructs? As a man, dealing with violence and masculinity became daily. Men always have to prove their superiority. Men always have to show how aggressive and strong they are in every place: home, work, locker room, etc. If they don’t, the society and people tend to see them as womanized men.

There is something called the “man box”. It is a fictional box, in which every men’s attribute is shown (tough, strong, muscular). Around this box, there are words used to keep men closer to these characteristics, such as “pussy” or “bitch”. Think about people who police masculinity. Nobody does that with respect. The best example would the sports.  The way society shows sports reflects the “man box”. Because of that, every man who does not comply with this ideology gets disrespected and given less attention by other people. This brings a lot of problems for men, such as depressions or career failures. Men surely have to deal with social pressures.


The " man box": :


I could agree with what was said. It is true what was said because there are many guys being called "pussy" and other derogatory names for not asking how a stereotypical man would. This is just another one of the many stereotypes society has created in our world today. This subject, gender inequality or gender stereotypes, is much like racism in society today. In racism there are also many stereotypes associated with races like Blacks or Latinos for example. Black people are usually viewed as those who commit many crimes and live in the ghetto, while Latinos are viewed as party animals who steal and do drugs. Many judge too quickly when they see those who do not act or look like their stereotypical way, that's why they tend to call each other names. This would be similar to when a male does not act masculine, a friend might call them a name. If we want to move forward and create a better society we much get ride of gender and racist stereotypes in our society and have an open mind when viewing others.

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