Manbox sabotages society

by boksta-7 on November 3, 2014 - 9:14pm

In our society, a man must to be strong, fearless and aggressive. In our society, a man must never show his emotions. In our society, a man must be in power of his family. In our society, a man must have sex with women. If a man follows these “rules”, he will surely be accepted and respected by society. And if a man does not follow these social rules, then he must be bombarded with insults such as “fag”, “pussy” or “gay” so he gets back in line. The real definition of the word “man” in the dictionary does not match any of these criteria. This is the idea of a man that our society invented and it is destroying humanity. This issue is not only harmful to men, but to women as well. Men who are being intimidated of not being man enough will take one of the most extreme measures which is to rape women, and it happened many times. This idea of a man has to be broken because then men will be mentally free. We should all be different and unique in our own way because I do not believe that there is an ideal type of man that exists.


The word “Manbox” is what drawn me towards your post as I was intrigued in knowing what this meant and why it sabotaged society. The fact that you included the words “sabotages society” gives your readers the idea that this term is nothing good. After reading your post, I strongly agree with you that this idea of masculinity is constructed by society and is an affront to human dignity. We have achieved so much as a human kind that we should not retrograde it down to such degrading insults on gender.

As we have learned in our Race and Racism class, gender discrimination resembles in many ways race discrimination. They are both socially constructed ideologies and reinforce the perception of this “ideal” gender or race. This perfect being is coupled with characteristics essential to fit into this category. If an individual does not possess them, he is automatically discriminated against.

Overall, I found your post interesting and your subject was well chosen but it would have made a bigger impact and reinforced your statements if you would have actually included the definition of man in the dictionary. Also, wouldn’t it be interesting to investigate the psychological impacts of gender based insults? Studies show that racism has an impact on younger generations, do you think gender discrimination would also impact society’s youth?

The title of your post has really captured my attention, it is a point of view that I completely agree with. The “manbox” is something that was socially constructed and has imposed certain attitudes towards men. This concept or idea of an “ideal” man is affecting both genders. Females are loosing a sense of power since those men feel like they need to be inferior. Man have something that we call “men privilege”, they have certain benefits that women do not have. I believe that if we put an end to the concept of “men privilege” and the “manbox” we will be able to achieve equality between genders.

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