It started with a whisper.

by barok on September 16, 2014 - 5:20pm


All throughout history, men dominated its pages in both good and bad ways. There had been prominent female figures in the olden days that impacted the world but most of them really just took a step back and let the men do what they want to do.  After France broke off from their monarchial society and brought forth a major change that will affect law-making as we know it, women also started coming out of their shells and demanded the recognition they deserve from the very beginning, to stand equal with men. Olympe de Gouges and her Declaration of Women’s Rights may have started it but it wasn’t until a hundred years after in the 19th century that women really bonded together and form legitimate organizations that has purpose and demands a voice in the society. The Temperance Movement campaigned against alcohol and consumption and the evils it brought their homes and how it disrupts the society in general. Another major leap for women’s rights activism is the Seneca Fall Convention in the summer of 1848.  

We can hear you, but are we listening...

As the world made steps towards fairness and equality amongst races and gender, why does the feminist’s cries become louder and louder?  It seems that we haven’t made progress since we first heard their cries.  One step forward, two steps back. Today women are still fighting the same enemies from before; we just call it differently these days. They are still up against a deeply-rooted patriarchal society from the history books. But it all boils down to being treated fairly and as equals at work, in the streets, at home - everywhere. Maybe, just maybe, it is time to stop listening and start acting.


I agree men used to have the pants of the household as we say, it was their way and what they said goes, women were house ladies cooking and taking care of the children. Women finally got together and made their voice heard, although it wasn’t always easy. Personally women have gotten a lot more freedom that what they used to have back in the day, is it still present that they are not treated equally, I don’t really see it and I’m a female. Maybe in certain parts of the world yes improvements need to be made I agree, we should stop listening and acting but I find here in Canada, it is not so bad. In the work force I agree sometimes even here in Canada it isn’t always fair but at home and on the streets I feel equal to men. I agree women didn’t always have it easy and are still voicing their voices but I find it happens a lot less and that their voices are heard here. An aspect that can cause women inequality I would think can not only be where they are but also skin color, meaning if you are a women of color in an all-white community for example then yes there might be women inequality, there are so many aspects that have an impact in this subject I believe.

Your title was what caught our attention into reading your post. We do agree that men did dominate and still do dominate in today's society. Just like in our Race and Racism class, we learned that white people had and still do tend to have more power than other 'races' which can relate to the rights between men and woman. Although we do agree with most of what you wrote, we do not fully agree when you said that we have not made progress into woman's rights. We think that at least here in North America, we have made great progress into woman's rights, woman's voices have been heard and actions have been taken. Protests have been done, strikes which shows the improvements. Just like racism, discrimination against woman have sufficiently improved, but still exist and far from being perfect.

Audrey B.

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