Guns or Games? Who's to blame ?

by DiamondChance on November 4, 2014 - 11:51pm


Boys will be boys, but who should we point the finger at for the aggressive behaviour in young males? It’s simple, video games, boys spend hours in front of their gaming consoles, and in doing so they pick up aggressive behaviour and act exactly how the characters in the games would. Video games make it seem so real and they basically teach boys how to use guns. Guns have been around way longer than video games, and it was rarely heard of young men going into schools with the intent of killing or harming others. But since games like Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto promote violence and aggression, boys get a thrill out of the killings in the video games, and then become influenced by the actions they see in those video games. If I’m not mistaken you must be licensed to own a gun and there are all kinds of precautions that can be taken to make sure that guns don’t end up in the hands of young boys, parents even go to the extreme of putting guns in safes, it’s not the same with video games, they’re accessible to boys of all ages. If video games were less violent, I strongly believe there would be a change in the behaviour of young males.




First of thank you for talking about this I find that so many people just jump the gun and say games are the reason that guy are violent and don’t look at anything else like the TV or movie. like you said if video games were less violent then maybe guys would be to and that the thing there are games a lot less violent nut once we try to play them there ether some us of violent or just girly games and then we get pick on for not be a man and playing a man like in my gender world class how us guy are meant to be in the man box and anything else is bad for use and well get kick out and be called really bad thing. Another thing I want to say is why just guy there are gamer girl and yes they are less influence on them but they still get mad. Finally the link is if you don’t know about the man box

I was attracted to your post because it was obviously going to address this popular debate that should be one-sided due to the huge amount of research done on the subject.
First off: boys will be boys? What does that mean? That is a popular saying that is sexist in itself, defending the fact that boys should naturally be violent, when it should not be the case. We simply have higher testosterone levels, that can be controlled.
Secondly: blaming video games? Decently intelligent human beings are able to differentiate real life from simple moving images. Sure, I wanted to be Sonic the Hedgehog at one point in my life, but I know that whenever I kill somebody in a game like Call of Duty, nobody is actually harmed. Boys are not stupid; they know the difference between Ghost, the virtual military veteran, and Bobby, the neighbour next door.
Thirdly: Why would we want guns? Who would we shoot? The only reason I would want a gun would be for self-defence. However, that is not necessary because we live in a province with an insanely low homicide rate, because we don't get affected by those "violent video games".

The reason the loud minority of violent men out there exist is because of the way they were raised by their family and their surroundings. I would suggest you watch this video which talks about the man-box we are trapped in because of society's twisted way of blaming guys for everything while expecting them to stay strong, insensitive and dominant.

This was a very interesting article. To begin, I was very intrigued by the title of your work. I agree with your analysis that video games may definitely be to blame for why young boys demonstrate aggressiveness. Some video games such as the ones you've mentioned do abuse violence and vulgarity and may well be promoting it to the consumers. However, to answer your question of who’s to blame for teaching boys to be aggressive, I believe that it’s worth to also take into consideration the abiding influence of our patriarchal society, since it itself does provoke hegemonic masculinity. I’d like to introduce you to the “man box”, which depicts all the characteristics we as a society we’ve associated to a “true” man; some of which involve aggressiveness and intimidation. These characters are furtively taught to boys even as toddlers. For instance boys are told to “rub some dirt on it”, “be a man and fight”, etc. These little things children are told from toddler-hood may be part of the answer of who’s to blame. If you’re interested, I’ve included a link that further explains the “man box” as well as a very interesting TED Talk, down below.

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