The Famous "Man Box"

by nat on November 4, 2014 - 11:10pm

As I was growing up till now I never knew there was a such thing called the “man box” I tough the rules of the MA box was a regular thing that a man should do. Then when this was presented to me, I saw that this is something that was tough for us from a young age. Like if something happened an that you cry he's going to tell you stuff like “man up” or “man don't cry” and much other stuff. Then we see this continued true your life time like at school contently being challenged by other guys and if you can't conform to it you are looked at as a weak or as a girl. We all so learn this in movies too such as “shark tale” where he was not going by what a shark was supposed to act like his father didn't really like him. Same thing in real life, when you can't conform to the rules of the box you stand a huge chance of getting rejected by other guys including your own father.


Hello, I am responding to your post today because your title was very intriguing and I was wondering what it meant. In your response, it was not very clear to me what the men box was but I think I understood enough to reply to you. I agree with you, when men have a small moment of weakness, no matter what the reason may be, they are right away judged by their friends and family. It’s not because he’s a man that he is not allowed to cry and when he does, it is not fair that he is called a girl. In fact, this is kind of insulting towards women… There are a lot of discrimination amongst genders and this is one of them. I think you have a big point on this subject and I believe that men should stop keeping their emotions inside just because they are scared that they will be judged. When they show how they are feeling it just proves that they have a heart and feelings. What do you think people should do to try and stop this from continuing?

Your post drew my attention because it is actually true that this man box is very famous and recognized by everyone ( men and women). I agree with you that men are subjected by this man box full or rules. I believe that it is not morally right to restrain men from their true emotional feelings. I mean, people should be allowed to cry, it is part of nature and helps closure to whatever may be the situation. This manhood was socially constructed based on gender differences and roles. As a result, nowadays, men are allowed to do things that women do not and women are allowed to do things that men do not. I also believe that gender discrimination is more popular than racism itself because there are so many races but there are only two sexes. Therefore, it affects more people. This man box could also apply to women as a woman box. However, in my opinion the woman box seems to fade away over time. At a certain age, women will not care as much as they used to as a kid or teenager. However, men are followed by this man box during their entire life. What do you think of that?

This has been something going on for a very long time and we haven't been aware of it. My classmates and I recently saw the 12 minute short video on the man box presented by the show TED and were amazed when we came to the realisation that this man box that we surrounded ourselves with was very real, in the 12 minute The gentleman speaking explained that he went up to a small male child and asked him what if your coach told you to stop playing like a girl and the boy replied "it would destroy me", also this man box is what influences our very own behaviour towards woman, acting tough, giving little emotion, just acting like a man, and honestly it's sad to know that if we don't conform to this behaviour that we will be rejected by society for doing so. This is something that needs attention we need to make it clear that it's OK to show emotion when you need to and that we need to generally start to crawl our way out of this box to help better not only ourselves as men but rather everyone and everything around us. But where would we even begin to start this kind of clean up?

Your article really caught my attention because it is because of the "man box" that the levels of depression in males are so elevated. Men are exposed to this man box at a very young age, and learn to grow up with it and pass it on to their children.
I agree with your post because I am sure that almost every male can connect with the man box. Either growing up and being told that boys don't cry, or being told to man up when you are only 5 years old. We are taught to hide our emotions, and not show fear. After a while, we kind of forget about this man box that we are stuck in. We kind of start accepting to live with it, without really knowing why. Is it because we are scared of being judged by other so we conform to society and not be ourselves?
Depending on how you were brought up definitely has an impact on your man box. If you were brought up in a very alpha male environment, then the man box will be present for sure. But if you weren't, will the man box still be present?
Males without a doubt have lots of pressure because of this box. And still to the day, even if we are aware of this man box, men will keep on hiding their emotions in order to retain their male identity. Men are scared of being seen as week and emotional.

Hi, I am responding to your post because your heading is intriguing and grabs the reader’s attention. The man box is a topic most individuals are familiar with. Just like you have pointed out, it is based on the perception that a man should act a certain way, that man do not cry and show emotion. If they do, they are considered weak and called a girl because girls show emotion and are considered weak. There is a lot of discrimination among genders in our society, with males and females having to act a certain way. Another thing you pointed out which I believe to be true is that if someone is not able to follow the rules of the box then they are rejected by other guys, one of which is their father. Here is a short video that is 11 minutes long by the show TED that talks about the “man box”.

This is the truth as we males often have to live by this "man box" throughout our lives. Often when we do not follow by this "man box" we are looked down upon and given a lecture about why we should follow it and so on. I have experienced this so many times in my life as when I was a child I would cry when I got hurt, but my dad would often tell me to just man up and not cry. This is very disturbing as when men get hurt we are expected to endure it and not cry, but when a woman gets hurt she is often comforted. This so called "man box" has been used so much throughout our lives that many of us just abide by the rules set by it and I am guilty of that as I have lived my life using this so called "man box".