A Better World for All

by Sundjay on September 15, 2014 - 9:07pm

If we want to fight against sexism and make this world an equal place, we have to take a few preliminary measures. To make this objective a reality, we have to start at the core. It`s by eliminating stereotypical concepts from the media that we change the unconscious mentally of our generations, if it`s not too late, and other generations to come. We can`t let people think that only one gender is attributed to a job. This can work equally for men than for woman. That means that a woman can be president and a man can stay at home to take care of the children. To do so, we have to change the norm, where it is normal to make decisions based on what you want to be in your lifetime, even though it isn`t “normal” for a 20 year old man to bake cupcakes for a living. We also have to change the image of the perfect being and redefine success and beauty, starting with the magazine covers and movies. Finally, we have to make every individual more confident and accepting of their own being so they are proud of who they are and what role they play in society and forgetting the norms.



The title intrigued me, because I wanted to know what you would propose to end this issue. Indeed, I think it is great that you came up with many solutions to end the problem of sexism in our society, because many people are not doing anything about it. However, it might be harder than you think. Just like with the issue of racism, the stereotypes are extremely hard to remove, because they have been part of our society for so long. They also have evolved throughout time. If we take the example of racism, the discrimination based on the skin color was made mostly through violent acts. Nowadays, it is really subtle. People have been normalized to this, just like with the racist comments. People are now joking about it, by saying to girls “Go back to the kitchen and make me a sandwich!” People are not aware of what they are saying and they might deny that they are sexist, just like some individuals might deny being racist. I think it is really interesting when you say that we have associated a certain gender to a certain job. Many people are not acknowledging that in 2014, men and women are still not equal in the workplace. There is still a little gap between the wages of a man and a woman. It is really important to promote the equality between the men and women, but there are so many discriminatory stereotypes against feminists. People associate feminists with angry women that want to be better than men. It is sad, because feminists are only trying to promote the equality between genders and the rights of women. I think that people are afraid to be called a feminist. However, looking at the definition, who would not want to promote equal rights for everyone?

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