Are woman just sexual toys?

by nat on September 16, 2014 - 4:39pm

Everywhere in the media no matter if its for children or full grown adults, girls are portrait only for there beauty and nothing else. Even in cartoons, they are shown in a way that girls always have to look good and dress in a certain way otherwise they are seen as boys. In commercials, they are often used to get the attentions of the guys. But the truth is all these models we see have been alter in a certain way either by photo shop or plastic surgery. Because of that, woman always look at themselves as not pretty enough cause they don't look like the girls they see on the tv screen, even though there is way more to them then just there looks alone. They never show the woman as the smart one able to stand for herself but when they do they always look like the bad one cause there tough on the out side so the public always critic them cause there not lady like. I find it important for us to know this cause I don't believe that’s all they are wort in life. Why don't they ever show a strong woman who's in charge? Why is it only man who are in charge? Until we are able to realize what the media is doing, woman will always just be objects.


I believe that nat makes a good point on the dehumanization and negative portrayals of women in the media. More often than not, women are seen on the cover of magazines half naked and photoshoped. Young girls are therefore forced to look up to fake and highly edited physiques. As a result, these fake and unachievable looks lead girls to develop eating disorders, low self-esteem and occasionally even depression. Now a days, society only considers someone beautiful if they follow under the criteria of being a size 00, being tall and having 'flawless' and clear skin. However, beauty comes in all sizes and women should not feel less beautiful and less confident because they do not look like the model on the cover of a magazine or on tv. In addition, the media portrays women as inferior and less capable than men. For example, as nat mentioned, women are often seen as being dependent and less intelligent than men. When women are demonstrated in the media as superior or happen to go against negative women stereotypes the public often responds with rude and pessimistic comments. I believe this is an issue that the world needs to come together to solve. I believe the media needs to stop putting women down, once and for all, and instead make it their priority to help them love their body, their mind, and themselves in general.