Over Exposed

by 1541972 on September 27, 2015 - 3:41am

  In this advertisement for “The First Fragrance For Men From Tom Ford” is an extremely seductive image of a faceless model lying down and becoming intensely aroused is displayed. Her red lipstick and nails suggest a sexual desire although the white color of the sheet in the background usually symbolizes innocents. Most recognizable is the bottle smartly placed between her voluptuous breasts forcing the consumer to stare at her chest.  Her glistening skin and open mouth stimulate passion while fantasizing over the captivating scent of the male body.  The issue with this salacious ad is that it is completely aimed at the male audience by exploiting women.  It falsely alludes to the fact that if a man wears this cologne, women will become sexually submissive.  Furthermore the ad is demeaning, promotes promiscuity and is inappropriate for young girls.  The gender messages being conveyed are that men are dominant and that women are mere sexual objects used to satisfy a man’s needs.What I’ve learned from watching the short film “Miss Representation” is that today’s women are still valued on their looks and that men are valued on their status and power.   However a majority of women do not believe that they have to be sexual to be empowered.  This in your face representation sends the message that men are in control of a woman’s thoughts and emotions as well as they can easily manipulate women in order to get what they want.  We should be concerned because it objectifies woman.  It is degrading because these messages do not portray how emotionally in control and how smart women truly are. As stated in the reading “Constructed Bodies, Deconstructing Ads: Sexism in Advertising.” “Advertisers are constantly bombarding consumers, especially women, with the message that they are inherently flawed –that they are or what they have is not enough, too much, or not good enough.” (Cortese 75) .  The way I would change this ad is by making it more authentic and consistent   to our generation of consumers. Both men and women today find being sexy is all about being true to you.  Strength and confidence come from within and are not only defined by physical appearance. This is one of the reasons that Tom Ford’s images of excessive sexuality once used to promote his fragrances no longer have the same selling power as they did back in 2008 when this ad was released. Visually showing a successful well put together couple in an everyday setting while still looking intrigued with one another would be much more effective. Men and Women are increasingly becoming closer and closer to being on an equal playing field in all aspect and this does need to be portrayed in all advertisements suitable to all generations.


Although I agree with you on making people believe wearing this cologne will make women flock to you, they are not the first ones to do so. I have seen many Axe body spray commercials which insinuate once men spray this cologne on, it will attract women so intensely that it's almost animalistic.

I chose to respond to this aricle because the tittle was intristing and not very telling. The issue of women being over sexualized in men’s ad can be linked with women in the fashion industry. Fashion is worldwide and wet most models in ads and fashion shows are white, only few minorities make there way to the stage and even then these models exhibit caucasian traits. Therefore, women believe that beauty is white just like in the article the ad send the message that women are weak, sexual object. Ads like analysed in the article show women in a stereotypical way that is not the reality but because of it society believed it. The same thing is done to minority groups in many movies, cartoons, and book that portrays minorities in a stereotipical way. This form of racism is called new racism because its very subtle and not obvious, but the brain picks up on it and shapes our views and idea of the world. Those type of ads are frequent and normal to see because society accept it and it goes with there believe. If ads showed men in the same position as women it would shock and be seen as disgusting when in fact theres no biological différences between men’s body and women’s.