Do Video Games Influences the male Behavior ?

by Crimsonflower on November 8, 2015 - 11:56am

Do Video Games influences the male’s behavior?

Video games have been a part of every gamers and non-gamers life for a long time now but are they really one of the reasons the male population became violent through all those years? In this article ‘Shooting in the Dark’ written by Benedict Carey, a science reporter for the ‘New York Times’ journal, explains us his thoughts on the effects that video games has on someone. Benedict Carey and many other psychologists argued about the fact that : ‘violent video games “socialize” children over time, prompting them to imitate the behavior of the game’s characters, the cartoonish machismo, the hair-trigger rage, the dismissive brutality’. (Shooting in the dark/ pages 2/ February 11 2013 )

For starters, Violence has always been around whether there were games or not back then all that men needed was a reasons and they would start a war. This is why I’m strongly against the fact that Video Games influences violent behavior for the male population. In the documentary ‘Tough Guise 2: The Ongoing Crisis of Violent Masculinity’, they briefly speaks about video games and their impacts on the male gamers. They talked about the fact that most protagonist in the video games have well-developed bodies and are ‘Badass’ that does not respect the law. They also mentioned that such behaviors coming from one of the main source of entertainment for boys could be one of the reasons why they are more violent than the females. I think it is only natural to have the main protagonist of games be strong, well-built, smart or and handsome. It is not to influence the male gamers to fit in this ‘Man box’ they made at all, itis just what the gamers want. They don’t want a wimpy little kids that cries and ask for help for anything that he does it would not be entertaining at all. They want someone strong and reliable that faces his/her problems head on. Just because someone plays a violent video game like ‘Mortal Kombat’ it doesn’t mean they want to dismember the first person they’ll see. After all, video games are just to entertain the population.




Here’s a link to the article if you want to read more about the subject:


And the name of the documentary for a better understanding of the matter:

Tough Guise 2: The Ongoing Crisis of  Violent Masculinity




I choose to comment on your post because of your intriguingly questionable title which faintly sounds like you are implying that violence is the original true male behaviour. Regardless of the title, purposeful or not, I agree with what you say, I do believe that for the vast majority of gamers specifically boys are not influenced to be violent by video games. I say this because many of my friends frequently “game” and are very kind hearted people. Violence may not be translated into boys perhaps because boys know better than to believe that such an extreme amount of violence is obviously unacceptable and fictional. However as Erin N. Winkler suggests in his article “Children Are Not Colorblind: How Young Children Learn Race”. He states that children gather information from the world around them in order to actively shape their own beliefs, which suggests violent tendencies or any behaviour to be more of a cultural/environmental by-product. This also means if children especially young children see that the main character “the real man” is white or like you said handsome, strong, unbound by rules/law, smart and well built, the young boys will idolize them as a true man with all those qualities and only those qualities, white skin color included. So I believe that as far as video games go we should be much more focused on how should game makers be creating the image of a man, rather than is the in game violence making boys violent.

I am responding to this post because as a kid I use to play video games all the time and it did not affect me in any way. Going from call of duty to grand theft auto to all the other violent video games to me it always stayed just a game. But there are kids that play the same game and they get obsessed with it to the point that playing it isn’t enough they need to act it out. In those video games there is plenty of violence that has some correlation to the gamers that act out but another problem with the video games is that there is racism and serious stereotyping of different cultures and based on skin colors how the character acts in the game. The black characters are always in gangs and have guns on them or are getting in trouble with the law; Italians in all the games have some kind of connection to the mafia, natives are always the enemies that we need to take them out. These are just some examples of clear racism and stereotyping of these groups. If the companies want to include situations of history at least make it historically correct. I think in the case of the violence linked to videogames it should be controlled by the parents how much a child can play, and for the racism the major companies don’t see the damage that it does but the children playing these games see and understand what is happening in the game and then they link it to real life situations and that’s how racism just keeps on going. One minor change can make a major difference in everyone’s life.