The Destruction of Men

by Beastmode1 on November 7, 2015 - 11:53am

The Destruction of Men


Masculinity is Killing Men: the Roots of Men and Trauma by Kall Holloway. In this article, the author explains that men are in a constant struggle to prove and to re-approve that they are really men. The social construction of masculinity requires that you live up to the expectation of the man box. All these standards that men have to live up to is killing them slowly, not literally, but somewhat a spiritual death. Ever since boys were born, they were already been guided into the man box by their parents without them being aware of doing it. The article also explains that throughout a boy´s life span, they are constantly being taught how to act and how to be.

The assumptions that are being made about masculinity in this article is that we are being taught to be a certain way if we are girls and a certain way if we are boys. At the same time, these ways are killing us. Men are being taught to suppress their emotions that may cause depression, alcoholism, drug addition and so on. In Tough Guise 2.0 and I quote, ¨there are many image depicted in movies portraying men to be violent. Men use violence to settle scores. Men are being so brainwash that they go to the extreme of killing innocent people. Boys were being bullies because they were not living up to the man box¨.

These assumptions are very destructive. You don´t have to be like the terminator, aggressive, self-reliant, virile, and stoic and so fourth. There is nothing to prove unless you´re living up to the man box, which I don´t believe is a good standard to live up to because you´re not being open minded. It is okay to cry. It is okay to show your emotions. It is okay to fail sometime. It is okay to be reliant. It is okay to be different. The worst thing you can do is to put up all these barriers that somehow prevent you from having and enjoying life to the fullest. We usually learn more from our failures than our achievements. We as a society needs to find a solution to this problem we call Masculinity.


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I was most drawn to this post because the student seemed to be very passionate about the topic. I agree in all ways with the students post because it is true that men are forced into a man-box from the minute they are born. As the student has already noted, something needs to change. One area in society that could be changed is the school system. Many of our population’s values, norms, and morals are taught in schools and so it can be considered a primary giver of these ideas. Not only are gender roles taught in schools, students are also unknowingly taught racist ideologies. These ideologies are represented in the pedagogy, textbooks, and rules of the education system. A solution that would prevent both masculinity and racial ideologies would be to introduce transformative pedagogy. I recently learned this term in my Myth of Race and Reality of Racism class. Transformative pedagogy is a type of teaching in which one of the main goals is to help students free themselves from ideologies and constraints. If schools and teachers began to use this technique, students would have the chance to discuss, out loud, their thoughts and questions. By doing so, students would understand the reality of other classmates and people in their society. Furthermore, male students would be freed from the male-box and people of color would be acknowledged for who they are and the way they are treated. This all seems simple, just change the schools system but unfortunately we must consider the big picture. Would this change come smoothly or would there be a protest? And if there was a protest who would conduct it; the government or the people?