The more exposed she is, the tastier the burger?

by Daddy99 on September 26, 2016 - 1:41pm

Carl’s Jr. are well known for their highly sexual ads, when people look at this ad they will most probably laugh it off because of the slogan which obviously refers to someone’s penis. If you actually take your time and focus on the ad a bit, they are using a super, hot exposed women just to attract people to try their new burgers. Which is extremely wrong because we should stop using women for ads like these.

This ad is extremely sexist and it also affects the females who see the ad because “Women are constantly held to this unrealistic standard of beauty. If they fail to attain it, they are led to feel guilty and ashamed.” (Cortese 59) So whoever ends up watching this ad will think that having a body like that would be very helpful in attracting their man’s attention and if they fail to achieve that body it’ll lead them to get hurt. So this ad also hurts women around the world by showing them an “ideal” body, and by using this body in an ad, they're trying to attract people’s attention mostly guys. “The image of ideal beautiful women may perhaps be captured with the concept of the provocateur,” (Cortese 59) which explains how women are being used in these ads to arouse the feelings of the male viewers. By arousing their feelings they are practically manipulating them into buying their burgers.

Also, where is the price? If you’re trying to promote a new burger then you have to include a price in your ad. The price is the most important thing that'll be able to attract the people attention, especially if it’s a cheap burger. A successful food ad must always include the price, and if they put a cheap price on the ad, it'll attract people from both genders rather than guys only. Putting an exposed woman in an add proves that “the feminine counterpart is disregarded or devalued,” (Cortese 59) because the woman will obviously attract the male audience more than the female audience. This ad also enforces what Cortese said especially by having an exposed woman in the ad, because ads like these devalue woman in our society since they are being used, which proves that the masculine gender is being valued more. 

If they gave me the opportunity to fix this commercial I would start by changing the slogan. The current slogan is funny and all but it’s very inappropriate and highly sexualized especially when they're comparing a burger to a penis. The next thing I would change is the way the woman looks, making her stand in a sexy pose almost fully exposed while eating the burger is not the best thing. I wouldn't make her exposed like that and I would change the look on her face, make her smiling while eating the burger with the look of satisfaction on her face. As well as what I mentioned before, the price is the most important thing in ads. I would definitely insert the burger’s price in the ad because that would be a better idea than putting an exposed woman considering it'll be aimed at both genders.

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Sexualisation in food advertisement is very controvesial. Overall we found that your article brought up very important and over-looked points that certainly are an issue in our society. The title brought was what brought us here as it makes us question an issue and we applaud you for that. However, we couldn`t help but notice that although you had a very strong opinion and went into much detail about the over-sexualization in this ad and in general, you seem to have ommitted to include the negative effect this add may have on the general male population aswell. As mentioned in the Ted talk by ; Tony Porter entitled ''A call to Men'', Men are often seen as being incapable of insecurity, more specifically physical insecurity which is almost exclusively mentioned in regard to women. The advertisement claims '' She'll tell you size doesn't matter. She's lying.'' This is a subtle yet direct reference to the 'size' of a man's genitals, which a great many male feel a great insecurity about in our current ''bigger is better'' society. While women in our society are free to more openly share their insecurities over having small breasts or buttocks, it is considered to be not at all masculine and a display of weakness for a man to express their insecurities about having small genitals. With this being said, we do still find this to be a very well written and informative piece, we just feel that the issues facing men is this ad cannot be overlooked. If you are interested in seeing what Tony Porter had to say about this `man box`, here is the link provided below.

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