"Its A Mans World"

by NatAsha on September 26, 2016 - 11:41am

For anyone that has not seen or heard of these ads by Suitsupply for men, it is the new “Toy Boy” ad campaigns for the spring\summer collection for suits of 2016. I think that if anyone would have to take a guess to what this ad is trying to sell they would definitely not understand that it is intended to promote suits for men. This ad is not just offensive but sexist because it is objectifying, devaluating, and discriminating women everywhere, by portraying feminine body parts in a defying manner.

Lets take a moment to think about what the campaign “Toy Boy” is really saying. Toys are in reality objects for children to play with for their own amusement. In the ad we see a miniature man touching a women’s breasts while sitting in-between them very happily. What kind of a message is this ad trying to send to their consumers? That women are objects. They are one hundred percent okay with being used for anyone’s amusement because they have no voice. They’re like toys, and they wont care. The women in the ad is what one would call a sexual “...provocateur.”(Cortese 59) she is a subject of objectification because she is not there as a women, but she is there for her figure, her breast, which seem to satisfy the small male figure and acts as the main attraction. This ad is putting the male figure, once again, higher than the female figure, by showing the consumers that its the male that is the dominant (Cortese 59) “...the masculine gender role is valued, the feminine counterpart is disregarded or devalued.” (Cortese 59). The women licking the man could be implying that the women is not only an object of amusement but at the same time, at the same level as an animal.

We should be concerned about these types of ads that are being published and shown to the world, it gives young men the sense that male figures are the dominant sex and that they can get away with anything when it comes to women. Rather than showing a woman who is uncomfortable in this situation, she seems to be enjoying it. In conclusion, ads like these could be giving the consumers a false imagery of reality. Women may be disrespected and disregarded by men because they were taught to think that men have all the power. Females are taught to think that women are here to serve the man, and the man is here to take what he wants and do whatever with it.

This is just but one of the ads published in the “Toy Boy” campaign collection of earlier this year. When I first looked at this advertisement I questioned what it was trying to sell because from my perspective I really did not find that it was very clear. After finding out, I was thinking how women’s breast had anything to do with selling suits. What saddens me the most is that the company felt compelled to use breasts because just like in the BMW ad, the car is the product and the women is “the ultimate attraction”(Cortese 61), but in this case they are trying to sell suits. What I suggest the ad to change would be to replace the enlarged figures of women with enlarged toys. Just by having to fix this ad, we come to realize more clearly how much women are being objectified in all kinds of medias in order to sell their products.

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A Suit Company Says These New Ads Are Sexist Towards Men Not Women
The CEO of Suitsupply defended the ads, saying they depicted the men as “little dolls with giant beautiful women.” Posted: Feb. 24, 2016, at 12:09 p.m. by Rossalyn Warren, BuzzFeed News Reporter

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