How Much Would You Pay?

by rockandroll0212 on September 26, 2016 - 2:08pm

         In this advertisement from a Details Magazine slide show from 2009 we see a naked woman being objectified and dehumanized (Lisa Wade). The model is degraded to a table that has many items men wear on a day-to-day basis propped on top of her. Multiple messages are being conveyed in this advertisement that cause for huge discussion.

         A naked model is lying in a position showing off her entire body and is being sexualized. This begins to associate women to sexual beings and objects causing society to think of what women want and like in bed, fetishes and positions. She is arched backwards and has her head thrown back with closed eyes like she is enjoying it. She has belts wrapped on top of her breast and torso, which conveys the message that women like BDSM: bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, sadism and masochism. The shoes strongly emphasize the concept of male dominance and submission because women are portrayed as below men and are dominated by men. By the model having the shoe on her chest, it illustrates how men push down women and it is as if he is stopping her from breathing so that women cannot have a voice. She is also on the floor perfectly depicting the way women are shown to be below men and how it is okay for men to step all over women in our world.

         By using a female’s naked body they are trying to attract males eyes to get them to buy objects but it also objectifies the females body, illustrating women to be worth nothing but to put things for show. It trivializes women and makes them severely less important than they truly are (Miss Representation). The model is depicted as a piece of furniture where other objects can be displayed. Not only is displaying the model as an object bad but then the name of slide show with the pictures is called “Girl Not Included”, as if women are purchasable goods or something you can own and place in your house for show. The message we get is that men can have possession of women or could get confused and think women can be purchased, as if women have a monetary value associated to them when in reality that is not the case, women are equals to men. That is also very controversial because it sparks talk about prostitution and how men will pay for a woman’s sexual services.

          We should all be very concerned about these gendered messaged because it dehumanizes, objectifies, degrades and disrespects women. Women are not objects, they are not sexual beings that want to be dominated and abused in bed, they are equal to men and deserve to be respected. The advertisement makes women look inferior to men in society and that is the problem that has been fought since the beginning of feminisms battle for equality between men and women. We should be concerned because this advertisement is not the only one out there that depicts these issues and it affects all women who are exposed to them. It can cause eating disorders, body image issues and sexuality problems for young girls.

           We need to be concerned because women are being pornified and shown to solely exist to be pretty, stupid and decorative. Women are not objects, we are not tables or pieces of furniture used for displaying things and women should therefore not be displayed as such. Women are not worth a monetary value like the title of the slideshow suggests and men should not be taught to think that women are, because it alters their perception of women, how they treat us and it even becomes dangerous for our society. Women have rights in our world that need to be respected and they should have a place in society as much as men do because men can not think it is okay to walk all over women.

            It seems so simple to me as to how we could fix the ad while still selling it that I wonder why nobody chose to do it in the first place. Instead of having a naked model as a table to display the objects, why would they not simply put the objects on a real table! Another option to fix it would to have a male model wearing the shoes and belt with the bag. The reality is that like mentioned in the film, Miss Representation, the media is overwhelmingly in the hands and control of men (Miss Representation). They wouldn’t choose to make a male model wear the items because men need to know why they should specifically buy this product but we should really be concerned about the violent, sexual and degrading behavior that is represented in the ads. We need to change is how the ads can attract men without using women as objects and as a temptation to please their sexual desires.


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