That body is approved!

by King23 on September 26, 2016 - 11:42am


Are you beach body ready?


Study have shown that more then 33% of women characters in publicities and movies are showed nude or wearing sexy clothing.  Ads are known to have an effect on society by guiding and influencing change in many social aspects.  This is why we say that today’s societies are mostly lead by social media messages and trends.  The following ad contains major messages that may influence the public. This advertisement comes from a well known company, called Protein World, which promotes health, well being but also body image propaganda… Messages like these are actively spreading all over social media and affect a lot of people. They spread a bad message leading to a different perspective and mindset towards our community. The message behind can lead women to judge their physic and compare it to models like the one in the picture. In fact,  some women go on severe diets to lose weight to eventually to look like the women chosen to represent those ads. It creates an unsatisfied and repulsive attitude towards body image and increases worry while decreasing self- confidence. This is a global issue as the majority of the public will be affected by the message behind the picture. Furthermore, men will see things differently. This ad can modifie and influence standards. Women who are normally beautiful will be judged negatively because they do not look like those models. Also, they encourage, both men and women, to believe that models like this are a representation of true and perfect beauty. It turns out that society is very influenceableAds and messages like these should be one of society’s main concerns as they lead and influences social aspects in a wrong way. This ad teaches society how physical beauty should look like and that it is more important then beauty with in. The human specie is very influenceable. Changing the present generation to have negative jugement about beauty standards can eventually impact the future generations. Also, women are harshly put in a situation where “women are primarily depicted as sexual objects or sexual agents.”

There are possibilities to promote the product without negatively impacting women and misleading future societies. The use of a women’s body, beauty and naive looks is to attract male and female attention. Eliminating such negative attention could make a major change in society and it’s standards. In fact, women will come to realize the importance of inner beauty while men will come to appreciate their qualities and character as opposed to the amount of cleavage exposed on her body. Protein World, sells protein powder and other protein products in order to help either physical growth or endurance and recuperation by giving proper nutrients to the body. Giving the image to society that it will help men and women to lose weight may be true but it is a bad way to promote the brand as many negative aspects can be projected. Showing how the product helps your muscles and how to is made with natural and good ingredients ,to promote a healthier lifestyle, would be a perfect way to advertise the company’s products. Focusing more on the inner qualities then on the physical one’s, society may be more susceptible to adapt this mindset to all social aspects. 

Change can be made, one step at a time, to eventually reach a social equilibrium where inner beauty and self acceptance is a major key to social life and growth. 






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First of all, what drew me to this post is how the catchy title is relevant to our modern society, along with the shocking picture. I did not realize that such a high percentage of women were depicted in such a sexual manner through social media and advertisement. Also, I find it very interesting to learn that these kinds of messages are intended towards women, but also men. However, I personally found the first paragraph to be missing content, as the same issues were mentioned often, and lacked a more profound analysis. I would suggest, instead of repeating the same things in other words, developing more the main argument with more precise examples and statistics. On a more positive note, I found this article to relate in many ways to my personal life. As a kid, being exposed to such explicit publicity can form negative mentalities regarding women and simultaneously on the status of men. It is important, even at a young age to have positive influences and not have negative images influence such a critical part of the development in one's childhood.