Beautiful for you or for him?

by lawmario on September 26, 2016 - 5:42pm

In this Interview magazine picture a young well-known women named Kylie Jenner , is being held by a man;wearing provocative boudoir leather lingerie while the man holding her is all dress up , with a suit looking professional. The camera is not focusing on her, or her face , the main focus is made on making her look like a toy being taken by the young men, making the man’s hand appear very powerfully over taking  her stomach.Through the use of particular poses, Interview , an influencing art magazine , intended to show that women should look attractive and available  for the men , and should well behave or even perfectly behave around the male, just like a doll.This picture shows how young women should be acting and looking by comparing them to plastics dolls.


The image  of male dominance and occupancy are greatly shown in this picture.First of all,the way he's holding the women is seen as if he is holding an object. His face turned away from her, expressing no emotions  to her, once again portrays the women as being nothing but a simple object being held.With the powerful hand portrayed wrapped around the females body the man is showing dominance of her and demonstrates he's in power of manipulating her and taking her wherever he intends too.This is illustrating men as being not caring and very dominant, it also portrays how men should look professional;even though they are influencing the wrong idea of men over powering the women, which causes the problem.


 In this picture  women are totally dehumanized as she is shown  of un capable of decision making and portrayed as an easily manipulated plastic doll.Wearing provocative boudoir lingerie,while the man is fully dressed;shows that she's is mainly there for the mens own pleasure.Women would not wear pointy bras in everyday norms because it’s uncomfortable,which makes this image unrealistic even more.The message being interpreted in this imagery is that women are dependant on someone to manipulate them , and are mainly an entertainment for the masculine sex.


 Representing the woman as a doll,sexual object to satisfy men’s desires, this image demonstrates the idea of women unrealistic beauty standard and behaviour, also how it is normal for men to totally ignore and have them as an everyday object.The sexual objectification of women in this influential magazine , downgrades women in our society by also proposing rape , and sexual harassment , making the women in capable of having desires since “ Objectification is problematic because making women into things erases their desires” according to  “Women as sexual objects” in Miss Representation.




This shot also promotes artificial idea of beauty that can give young women insecurities about their self image , especially This idea come from Kylie Jenner , which is followed by a big amount of young women today. For example,Kylie looks like she has perfect skin,hair,body symmetry and more , she looks like a doll would normally look , without imperfection s, she even looks slightly plastic.By showing a influential young women dolled up like that and controlled by a man , this image can promote young women to use plastic surgery and other unhealthy beauty techniques , just to be called beautiful and please men.





In my opinion , we should be aware of the problems this pictures  that show Women/sexual objectification ,gender inequality and violent behaviours ,frankly because they are unhealthy to our growing society.Young adults being exposed to violent , degrading images is a bad way for them to learn norms .Both genders have ideal ideas of how they have to be,which makes us manipulated species that can’t be how we want to be. Pressure should be made on influential magazine,advertisers so , they can focus on everyday beauty standers and less on the ideal/perfect side.Also, a change is the assumption of sexiness should be changes , since its based on dominant and submissive roles,even if gender roles are reversed , one remains an object.,I would fix this image , by first of dressing up the women to make her look as professional as the men ,making her look attractive in a good way because why should a women be only attractive by body? knowledge should be introduced as being an attractive aspect in a female. I would focus on making the male holding her because she's going somewhere with him , cause they both want to go , where the gender inequality would be finally shown.   



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What initially drew us to this post was the fact that it dealt with a very recent photo-shoot of a famous female figure. Kylie Jenner is usually portrayed as a strong, independent woman with a certain sex appeal, but in this picture she is simply depicted as a sexual object used by a man. We can honestly not believe that this picture and its meaning have been approved by Kylie Jenner herself, by the entire team of the photo-shoot as well as by the entire team of the magazine. How did no one see that this representation of women was non-acceptable, considering the society we live in today? This image reminded us of the concept of the “man-box” as it promotes the idea that men should treat women as sexual and inferior objects. The “man-box” is something that is taught to young men when they are very young, and this post reminded us of how such ideas of sexism in manhood are omnipresent. For more information about the man box, see link to the TED talk.

Link to TED talk: