Who said President has to be a he?

by Halls123456 on September 27, 2016 - 1:35pm

The advertisement is conveying gender superiority.  Women are perceived as objects that can be tossed into a trunk according to a man’s perspective.  The women are dressed scandalously, enticing men, like when Eve convinced Adam to eat the apple.  The message tells us that females should be submissive and to take particular care of their physique in order to please men.  Notice how the three women were also white females.  This refers to the p word that is often unjust and critiqued in society.  That word is privilege.  A person’s worth is based on their intersectionality. The more varied they are (Black, Asian, their sexes, their sexuality etc.), the less their value.  

Not only does this ad degrade women tremendously and tell men that it is okay to abuse women for personal pleasure; it privileges sexism, racism and homophobia.  It also confirms Social Construct instead of scrutinizing and making a positive difference.

The man sitting in front of the car, on the other hand, is giving a peace sign, ironic?  He is the focal point in the advertisement because this sparked controversy.  This man is Silvio Berlusconi, Prime Minister of Italy.  Mr. Berlusconi, during his time in power, has been involved in multiple political scandals, trials and sexual indiscretions.  He has been linked to orgies, prostitution and underage sexual acts.  This is a key point to the advertisement because the creator is jokingly making fun of the man, abusing the women. However, this matter is not acceptable because it is happening around the world.  It is a world issue that needs to be addressed, not laughed at.

According to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Representatives of all around the world, UN General Assembly), everyone has the right to liberty, the right to live and security.  In India, for example, women are not safe because there are more men than women, increasing rape and sexual abuse incidents.  Yet, Ford’s controversial commercial was first published in India. (Laura Stampler) It is going against human rights and promoting the unsafety of women in India.

This explains why few women hold high job positions.  Women are brainwashed to commit to a man rather than careers and are searching for a prince to save them from their castle, just like Disney has taught them.  The glass ceiling is stopping women from pursuing an empowering role.  In fact, there are 13 countries out of 196 that have had a female leader which is astronomically low.  Unfortunately, politics remain a male dominant career.

However, this advertisement does not only pressure women.  Men are equally affected.  They are burdened to follow social expectations of a man; powerful, strong, manly and a breadwinner. In this case, they need to be capable to tame women with their qualities, if not, they would not be considered a “real” man.  On their route to becoming a man, ads like this one tells men to gain power by stripping women’s freedom.  Throughout humanity, this was how society functioned properly and it has unfortunately become the norm.

The only way to fix this major issue would be change. Media plays an important role in displaying information to the population which is why it is crucial for media awareness. Advertisements like this one should not be circling on media or in any form.  It would also be appropriate to change the quote on the bottom left of the advertisement. “Leave your worries behind with Figo’s extra-large boot.” This quote is encouraging crime towards women, reassuring them that justice would not affect their actions. Not only is this sexist, it encourages immoral crimes and violence.    

There are better ways to promote a product and this definitely isn’t a good example. My personal favourite commercial would be “The whisper fight” by Oreo. It is banal, relatable and hilarious. With the enormous income that Ford has, it would not be difficult to create an amusing and appropriate ad like Oreo.


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First of all, you have done a great job pointing out how unequal our society is treating one another in terms of gender. Very often, men have more privileges than women in many social aspects, politics being one of them. In your article, by using many compelling pieces of evidence and examples, you’ve successfully demonstrated the extremely important concepts that are the bases of sexism. Examples include rape culture, intersectionality, male privilege and the glass ceiling. Namely, how men’s standards are used against those who could not fit themselves in the “man box”. However, I believe that the article would have been more convincing if you would have included gender wage gap in your glass ceiling discussion. In this norm, women are not only facing a glass ceiling that keeps them from getting promoted to a higher position but they also have to face the fact that men are paid more for doing the same job. This problem reflects systematic inequality, which is created by men, whose presences are dominant in higher power positions. Gender wage gap and the glass ceiling are both systematically wrong, but in order to fix them, you might want to start small. In other words, before getting more women in higher power positions, we should first start by equal pay.