by 20exoPa98 on September 27, 2016 - 12:58pm

This advertisement was published in 2008 referred to as the “strangler”, shows Duncan Quinn’s newest men’s clothing line. The photography clearly shows a man who appears to have strangled an underwear-clad woman on the hood of a car, therefore the name the “strangler”. The smug looking man has a smirk on his face while using a necktie to strangle the woman. We don’t know if the woman is dead or drugged, but we got to love it when they think a dead woman or drugged one is sexy enough to sell men’s clothing. Women are often being presented as subordinates to men in most advertisements; this is clearly an advertisement method or trick to get customers to buy your products. People always buy things based on how it makes them feel. When men look at this advertisement, they’d feel strong and powerful, so they would most likely want to buy the product, but why it takes a dead woman on the hood of a car to do that is disappointing. Also, the woman’s face can’t be seen, so this also takes away her identity, so it makes the woman look like just a body and not a person.


This ad can trigger many people for a number of reasons. Women are always accustomed to be seen as subjects to men, how men always dominate women and want to feel empowered and this is exactly what the advertisement portrays. We should be concerned about this because it makes women seem like the only good use for them are their bodies and not their minds. Men can also see this ad in the wrong way and think that it is ok to abuse women and hurt them since the woman in the ad is dead and being strangled. This ad can also divert the men’s mind and make them instantly think of sex, but a woman in her underwear plus violence automatically leads to rape and not sex. These kinds of advertisement companies think that these ads make men and women think that sexual violence is sexy, but its not. Not only does it bring down the self-esteem of women, it also promotes rape. These ads “make you feel guilty, inferior, or somehow “less than”” (Cortese 75). This exactly what the ad is doing. These ads can also seem to promote rape, how men see women as sex objects and how they think its okay to strangle and abuse them. These make the men more supportive towards rape attitude.


In most sexist ads, we can also see that the woman’s face is always being covered or not shown. This strips the identity of the woman, making it seem like only their bodies matter and not them. This also refers to the woman as an object of desire and nothing more. The men would also misunderstand and think that the only thing that matters about women is their bodies and nothing more. These ads can also affect the mentality of women, making some think that they’re more superior to others because of their body sizes.


To conclude, it is very disturbing and heart breaking that some advertisement companies still produce ads that promote rape and dehumanize women by making them a mere object of sexuality. This can crush a woman’s morality and her beliefs. Also turns women against each other by seeing each other as less than them. To stop these kinds of ads and produce a more decent and less provocative ad, we should let women wear more clothes on themselves instead of wearing underwear and a bra. This ad is promoting a tie, so a classy woman next to the man would still be romantic and would sell the product. There is always a better way of doing something, it only depends on which way you chose.



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