The Key to Opening Their Legs

by WhiteChocolate22 on September 27, 2016 - 5:30pm

Have you ever wanted to feel as powerful as you can? To have the utmost control over every single aspect of your life, including, and most importantly, over the people around you? Then look no further than any of the exquisite wedding rings available at Natan Jewellers. It may not help you make your boss give you that impressive promotion, or your professor finally change your 49 to a 90, but at least it will make your girlfriend’s, or future fiancé’s, legs fly open the moment they see that expensive diamond you got them. This ad implies that men, who buy one of Natan’s wedding rings, ultimately have complete control over the woman that they are seeing. That this ring will allow them to have sex with their girlfriend whether the girl likes it or not, that she cannot control herself once a wedding ring comes into play. This wedding ring is the key for a man to have control over him and his female partner’s sex life.

            To begin with, this ad clearly enforces the idea that men have control over their female counterparts, even if they may be in a consensual relationship. This is obvious in the way that the man uses the ring to easily gain access to his female partner’s vagina. The woman is clearly given no control over her own body because it lies completely in the male’s hands and he can do with it as he wishes. This means that the woman has to give up the right to her body whenever the man pleases, and that the man can use certain things to control how a woman behaves towards him. The orientation of the ad, man on top and woman on bottom, reinforces this concept. When we imagine a traditional proposal, we imagine the man on his knees while the woman is either sitting or standing above him, seemingly in a position of power. This makes sense because she is in a position to say yes, or no. However, this ad is oriented so that the man is once again placed in a position of power, even though he is involved in a situation where he is traditionally in a vulnerable state. This further demonstrates that the man is given control over the woman and she has to submit to his wishes because she is positioned under him, exemplifying the power dynamic between the two.

            By displaying the man’s control over the woman, it also highlights the dehumanization and objectification of the woman. As seen in far too many ads, the woman is portrayed as the man’s sexual object and nothing more. Her feelings are seen as irrelevant and she has no control over herself, whereas the man can essentially control everything about her. In this ad the ring serves as a type of controller to the woman’s body. It gives the man the ability to control the woman’s actions and her body implying that she has no free will or thoughts or actions of her own. She is not a human who has the ability to make her own decisions or carry out her own actions, but simply an object to be used by the man as he pleases.

            These types of ads are very concerning because they reinforce ideologies that men must be the dominant person in a relationship, and the woman must be the submissive figure. This often leads to unhealthy relationships for both members involved but especially for women because men sometimes feel that women must submit to them, and become violent or aggressive when they don’t. These ads are also an issue because the objectification of women makes it easier for men to attack or violate them without feeling there should be consequences, because once you objectify someone, it becomes much easier to validate your aggression towards because you no longer view them as a person (Miss Representation).

            One very simple way to modify this ad while still selling the product would simply be to not include any people in the ads, and show how beautiful your diamonds are and to tell the viewer that no others jewellers compare, etc. To keep the idea of a proposal in the ad, it would make sense to change the orientation to a side view where we can see the man on one knee proposing to the woman, and the ring in the ad could be shining brightly so that it is placed front and center for the viewer. Both of these examples would remove the idea of control and objectification from the ad, and would most likely even do a better job of giving the viewer an actual look at the product.

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What drew my partners, Paul and Madeline, and I to this post was the title of the post " The key to opening their legs". The title was interesting and made us wonder what this post was about. When we read the post we were flabbergasted and disgusted. The post basically said that the men were better than woman and that women had no real power in society. The ad reinforces the bad stereotypes about men and woman because it makes women look like they are just objects and not human beings. While making men seem like they only care about power and sex. The post reminded us of the Tedtalk with Tony Porter, who talked about the man box. The man box represents what a typical man is suppose to be, for example no fear,strong and dominate. When you mentioned that woman are objectified and dehumanized, it made us think about male privilege. The ad makes it look like males have power over everything and everyone. And it also dehumanizes females because it makes us look like whores and gold diggers who only care about getting pretty things from males.