Riot In Baltimore

by samp on April 28, 2015 - 8:37am

The article talks about the recent ‘’state of emergency’’ raised in the city of Baltimore, in the United States of America. There were important protests and violence in a town shocked by the recent events. Many acts of vandalism were committed throughout the last days. A curfew has been created by the authorities in order to control the situation and limit the recent violence and protests. Protesters threw bricks and burned down some buildings. The situation is still not under control and protests are expected fir the following days. Protesters are mainly fighting against police brutality and ask for changes regarding this issue.

This article is strongly link to the concept of new power. As protesters organized themselves spontaneously, new Medias such as social media and local media create a new influence for the demonstrations. The street protesters can now organized together and shared their ideas locally among them. Social media marks a contrast with the period in time where they had to rely on the mainstream Medias to get informed of what was going on. It also led to a fair representation in the news. There are now more than just the mainstream versions of important Medias that reports the news across the world, but also protesters who are directly implicated in the demonstrations. It decreases the power of influence of traditional Medias and brings more transparency on several social issues.


First of all I would like to thank you for choosing to write about this topic for it is very recent and has taken quite fine attention from the media, at the beginning only. Secondly, a couple days have passed and the media is slowly draining its effort from reporting live and keeping the world updated. It is shocking how such a large and economically important city could not gain the media’s attention for more than a few days. Since this issue is an issue of race, the American government should look at it from a deontological perspective and aim to serve the summum bonum –the greatest good for the greatest number. The burdens of the black community are difficult must be treated with care. An apology or even simply warm condolences from the government or the president to the family of Freddie Gray might help soothe many from the white communities that have been hurt from the riots, as well as the black community that was deeply hurt by the death of one of them.

The topic of the Baltimore riots is very important to look at and has a lot of controversy surrounding it. Social media helps, as you mentioned, to get people together and organized in the riot, however it also spreads information that main stream media might not. the summon bonum- or end goal- of all kinds of media is to spread awareness. Social media allows for online debates and the spreading of information that is not commonly showed in the news. Instead of hearing solely the side of the media, we hear what the people themselves have to say. Using teleological ethics, we can see that the end goal is to keep everyone out of harm. The end goal, or summer bonum, is to keep people safe, however due to the racism involved in this situation, it is hard to see who they are really keeping safe, is it everyone? From a teleological point of view, the only way this would be ethical is if they kept everyone safe. the black community feels threatened by the government system in their country, and something must be done to not only give them the rights they deserve, but to change the deep rooted racism of the country. The end goal is to help everyone and keep them safe, but with such levels of institutional racism it goes further than the individual, and one must look at the higher levels of institutions, which is something social media addresses while main stream media does not.

This article very well explains the situation that has been occurring in the past few of days in Baltimore. I also like the focus that is put on the media's role in the whole issue. This issue is clearly a race-related problem where the black community in Baltimore is acting in response to the police's violent actions. The black community feels like its being oppressed and wrongfully punished by white police officers. The recent death of black citizen Freddie Gray spiked the protestations. If police officers respected a deontological framework, these incidents would be a lot less frequent. A police officer’s duty is to protect innocent members of society from harmful individuals, however, recent events have shown that police officers are often responsible for the death of innocent people. Also, according to deontology, the goal is to create the greater good for the greatest amount of people. If police officers respected their duty to protect the innocent, I believe that from a deontological framework, society would benefit a lot. Also, if society respected the idea of the greater good for the greatest people, the black community would probably find a more pacific way to express their discontent towards the police force.

I find your post very interesting and appealing as it is a topic at the heart of great discussion recently. Baltimore’s violent protests spurred after the death of young Freddie who passed away in police custody after his arrest. I believe that the power structure in the United-States of America is to be blame as it has delegated too much power to its police force who seldom abuse from it. In fact, the power structure in the United-States follows a strict appropriation of the deontological ideology in which it makes its citizens subjects to its rules defining the boundaries of unjust and just use of power. When power is put in hands of people like the police who have been given the right to decide when the use of power is just or unjust leads to the abuse of power resulting into unnecessary violence.
Moreover, this one video shows a man yelling to Baltimore protesters with his arms out: “Do not give them a reason!” ( As a matter of fact, I do believe that whenever a police officer has any reason to act violently they will, as their will to act however they please is the result of the power they’ve been given by the state. To limit they’re power and the abuses that come from it resulting to deaths of young innocent black men like we’ve seen in the recent year, society needs to approach the situation through a teleological ideology in order to build a better world for its citizens. In fact, the state needs to assess its greatest good that it needs to protect for its citizens rather than applying rules its citizens are duty bound to. Following a teleological perspective in this case, the greatest good would be security of citizens and police’s use of power; the power shouldn’t be put in the hands of the police who decides what to do with it but it should be centred around a greater good which is security where police should protect the people who need protection rather than looking for someone to beat on. The summum bonum or greatest good must be achieved with the interaction of citizens and police forces in order to patrol its city in order to keep it as safe as possible ultimately restricting the police’s right to rule between what is appropriate or inappropriate use of force. In fact, in the matter of use of force the state would need to teach its police the greatest good it wishes to achieve with their help and give them no weapons that allow them to abuse from their power such as loaded guns that are dangerous and deadly. Thus, if the state follows a teleological ideology and does not give the police a innate right to act under any circumstance but rather educates its police force to act towards the greater good of security then the police’s abuse of power would lessen as they are forced to protect this greatest good of security which is their duty.

First, thank you for bringing up a very current and relevant issue, the fact that the riots have caused such drastic actions from the government is a sure sign that something big might be happening in Baltimore. However, I’d like to address the fact of the matter that it is not exactly police brutality that is being protested. Police brutality is an ongoing issue in the United States, however, it was more of a general negligence that caused someone in police custody to die. There’s evidence of the death of Freddie Gray was originally caused by what could be self inflected wounds. It doesn’t seem like there’s a defined Summum Bonum, in fact, I don’t see the point at all in destroying your own city by rioting, and actions like arson and looting. Hundreds of people have been arrested, flooding the system as a result. The problem here is to fight the police with violence, and destructive actions that will only harm the society. The final goal isn’t established, there’s no “greater good” that the rioters are looking for, it just seems like people blowing off steam. I think to have any chance of a better future and stricter regulations on police officers, there needs to be a civil and peaceful conversation.