The Republican Abortion Bill So Extreme Even GOP Congresswomen Balk

by audreylegault on February 9, 2015 - 11:08pm

The Republican Abortion Bill So Extreme Even GOP Congresswomen Balk


In the article “The Republican Abortion Bill So Extreme Even GOP Congresswomen Balk”, the new bill that the “GOP-controlled Congress” is currently trying to pass is discussed. On January 17th 2015, Alex Ellefson relates the intentions that the Congress holds towards the bill. The main goal of this bill is to completely ban abortions after 20 weeks. Also, victims of rape could not have an abortion unless the rape has been reported to the police. A lot of people believes that this bill is extremely problematic. Congresswoman Renee Ellmers has expressed her discontent towards said bill. She believes that this bill could potentially alienate young voters.


This bill would also have for goal to define what a “legitimate rape” is. Of course, this could affect the GOP’s reputation. It is important to highlight that not long ago, Todd Akin did say that women could not get pregnant if they were victims of ”legitimate rape”. At the time, this claim did have a huge backlash on the party. Ellners thinks that discussing this bill would be repeating history.


On the same subject, the National journal relates the opinion of the bill sponsor Trent Franks. The vast majority of republicans do support the bill and Franks also believes that a lot of young people are against abortion. His hopes for this bill is that the community realizes that his goal is to ensure the wellbeing of mothers and babies. His exact statement was “if sincere people will simply read this bill, they will see for themselves that it represents a genuine and sincere effort to protect babies and their mothers beginning at the sixth month of gestation from one of the most tragic realities in our country"[1]


I think that what is most problematic about this situation is the fact that the sponsors behind this bill are male dominated. Most of them do not have the medical qualifications to actually have an objective and educated say on the matter. Whether it is about the rape of a woman or pregnancy, no man with political power, tainted by their religious beliefs I must add, should even voice their opinion in the form of a law on said matter. As a woman, it is borderline insulting (and threatening) to see a bunch of middle-aged white men discuss the fate of the woman’s body based on their personal beliefs. Another thing that appals me about this bill is the fact that it was a woman who had to take the initiative to stand up to her own party. Because this bill was targeting woman, it was expected to have women against it. What I fail to accept is the perpetuation of gender roles even in a government. As a woman, it is a recurring event to have to stand up for myself. No matter how wrong the situation is, most men won’t stand up in your stead. It is the same thing in Congress. Renee Ellmers had to go against her own party with the help of other women because no men would even question the bill. This is the kind of problematic that should not be recurring in the world, much less in a government.

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January 17, 2015

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January 16, 2015




Your perspective on this story as a young woman makes your opinion all the more significant because of how some Republican lawmakers state that most young people believe that abortion is bad when it is probably the contrary and certainly the opposite with you. It is great to see a young woman standing up for her rights against people like them and it brings more hope for the future.