No Western values in China!

by annelaurenceb on February 3, 2015 - 7:07am


On January 29th 2015, the Associated Press published an article in the New York Times to discuss the announcement made by the Education Minister of China to reject what he calls Western Values in the Chinese classrooms. He has announced that anything that would promote Western values should be prohibited from education since it is a threat for the country’s ideology, which is communism. This restriction is important for the Communist Party which controls the country since it ensures them that nobody will be allowed to criticize their values and authority. Some of the subjects that are prohibited include constitutionalism, the freedom of press and the concept of civil society, as stated in the original article. There have already been some arrestations of professors that have been made and some of them also lost their jobs because of their teachings. There was even a professor called Ilham Tohti who got the maximal sentence and has to pass the rest of his life in prison because of what he promoted during his classes at a Beijing University.

I think that this is an issue that is worth considering and that should be changed in the world since it does not allow the Chinese population to be aware of the world’s situation and different opinions. This decision made by the government controls their freedom and their liberty of knowledge, which in my point of view is not ethical. I believe other countries should help the Chinese population to get rid of this way of thinking that is not contemporary and does not have its place in the actual world.

I believe the New York Times is a reliable source since it was founded in 1851 and has won 114 Pullitzer Prizes since then, which is quite an accomplishment. It is still as of today the largest metropolitan newspaper in the United States, so this explains why I believe it is a very reliable source. This article was written by The Associated Press, which is a multinational news agency which was founded in 1846 and has thousands of employees who publish their articles worldwide, so I believe it is an enough well-known organization and that it should definitely be considered as reliable.


I think you did a very good summary of your article. Also, I found the structure of your news summary clear and precise. I totally agree with you on the point that the chinese population should be aware of the world's situation, since we are all living on the same planet. I also agree with the fact that it is wrong for a governement to control the freedom and the liberty of knowledge of its population. Finally, I consider your arguments towards the reliability of the source being good, since you provides date, stats and a link from a well-known press company.

First of all, I have to congratulate you for how informative you have rendered your article. I wasn’t at all aware of the issue concerning the professor Ilham Tohti and the newest announcement from the Education Minister of China. I was incredulous at first when I read your article. I had a hard time to believe that the Education Minister of China would claim the rejection of so called "western values" (since values are not defined by border lines) But after cross-referencing some of the contents in your article, I found out that what you wrote was authentic and your source, reliable. The words of the Minister translated and quoted by The New York Times were literal and exact.
This is an article that I found on the official site of the Ministry of Education which can confirm your point.