Imam Denied Permit for Community Centre in Montreal

by samp on February 3, 2015 - 6:05am

The source is reliable because Bertrand Morette is a journalist who has covered Quebec news for over a decade, possesses a good background (McGill) and the publication is in the Globe in Mail, which demonstrates that it is shown in a serious newspaper. There are also many other newspaper covering the topic, which led to think that the information is reliable.

The article is about a Montreal imam who has the willingness to open a community centre in Montreal for preaching and social considerations. However, the government fears his radicalism ideas. The Imam is well-known for his anti-homosexuals beliefs and for promoting the idea that women should in permanence be accompanied by men. It clearly contrasts with our current laws and with the current functioning of the Canadian society. Therefore, local leaders and the Montreal mayors add their voices to those who don’t want the community centre in Montreal. They based their judgements on private information received by security agencies and plan to pass a law prohibiting prayer or religious instructions in the community

As a Quebec citizen, this denial clearly should be cheered by most of all. In a world where radical Islamism is a threat to our societal core values, we have no choice but to applaud the decision. However, the prohibition is not enough. In my opinion, we should put more pressure on governments to remove the threat. In this case particularly, ask for prison or an ejection of the country and the Imam is clearly promoting values who are against the basic fundamental rights of the Canadian society nowadays. The government and citizens should not tolerate such ideas. Therefore, it is our obligation to pass several laws prohibiting these practices or simply not let these people into Canada.