Chocolate you and me

by Francois Pan on January 25, 2015 - 10:46am

Original article The chocolate health myth dissolves is found on the website of CBC news health section. It is written by CBC journalist Kelly Crowe and published the 5th of January 2015.

Website:  Chocolate health myth dissolves - Health - CBC News

Chocolate you and me

In a late report conducted by CBC news, some journalists and interviewed scientists revealed that although cocoa flavanols have many beneficial effects on human body as many news reports and studies have claimed, the flavanols are mostly destroyed during the process of transforming coco beans into chocolate bars and candies. The remainder flavanols are in a negligible concentration to actually produce a significant effect on human body. Law professor Tim Caulfield in University of Alberta also remarked in his interview that many studies on the beneficial effect of chocolate are majorly funded by chocolate companies such as Mars, Harshey, Barry Callebaut, etc. The conspicuous conflict of interest is another reason why consumer should be vigilant concerning the healthy aspect of chocolate, suggested the article.


Throughout the article, I realized that two things have to be improved. Firstly, readers and auditors of major news and articles should not blindly accept the claim of those sources of information, which action can easily lead to a limited and biased understanding of the reality. Secondly, the involvement of industry in researches often cripples the authenticity and credibility of the results of the study. In my opinion, the funding of researches should be accompanied with a set of rules which are capable of properly eliminate the conflict of interest between the funding companies and the research result.

To help inform the masses about the actual medical effects of the chocolate would not require too many resources.  Four or five students can be gathered in a nice sunny Wednesday to give some hand-outs about the general misconceptions in nutriology.

This source is reliable to me because it is a well-known source of news and I often hear people talk about it with positive feedbacks. 

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