Bill Gates; The change maker

by AlexR on March 30, 2015 - 8:11pm

The Change Maker


Bill Gates, born in 1955 in Seattle US, is the richest man on earth. At the age of 13, Gates developed an interest about computer programming. Later, him and his partner Paul Allen created Microsoft, the world’s largest software business. Gates drop out college to focus all his effort on Microsoft. The software company is now estimate to be worth 335, 86 Billions. He and his wife, Melinda Gates, co-chair the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.  This foundation has for goal to help the world’s poorest people to get them out of poverty and hunger. Bill Gates, and his foundation, really helped a lot of people everywhere around the globe.  In fact, the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation had and still has an impact in the five continents. In North America, the foundation had an impact on education, science and social problem such as poverty. In South America, the foundation had an impact on education, science and medicine, targeting the neglected infectious diseases. In Europe and Oceania, the foundation helped the creation of several libraries. Finally, in Africa and Asia, the prevention of disease such as HIV, polio, malaria where taken in charge by the foundation. The actions that the Bill and Melinda Gates took were and are still important today. In fact, the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation has saved 5,812,000 lives, either from malaria, HIV or other deadly disease. The projected number of lives saved until 2019 is up to 7.6 million. Also, the foundation encourages other wealthy Americans like David Rockefeller, Mark Zuckerberg and David Lucas to donate money.

Malaria is one of the most deadly diseases in poor country. Death by malaria were recorded at 655,000 death, but the actual death reach 1,2 million, according to the latest research Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation. This number is almost the double of the one estimated by the World Malaria Report. Most of the time, children are the most affected by this virus, but a recent study shows that adult can die from Malaria too. Since 2004, where the total death from Malaria were as high as 1,8 million, the number of death is now decreasing at a rate of 7% yearly (Rogers, The Guardian).

Bill Gates foundation works hand to hand with health institute and organization in order to develop new strategies and solution to stop unnecessary death caused by curable disease. Bill Gates and his foundation did and still have an impact on the number of death Malaria is causing. By providing vaccine and appropriate health care, the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation are helping a lot of people.



Article title: Malaria, death country by country: how many are there?

Written by: Simon Rogers for The Guardian on February 3, 2012

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