Article summary: In Tamir Rice Case, Many Errors By Cleveland Police, Then A Fatal One

by audreylegault on January 27, 2015 - 1:26am

The New York Times

By Shaila Dewan and Richard A. Oppel Jr. January 22nd, 2015




The article “In Tamir Rice Case, Many Errors By Cleveland Police, Then A Fatal One” of the New York times treated of the unfair and horrible behavior that the Cleveland police department demonstrated yet again on a citizen. Following the case of the young Tamir Rice, a 12 years old boy wrongfully killed by a police officer, Shaila Dewan and Richard A. Oppel Jr. described everything that was wrong with the overuse of force by the police department. The article demonstrated how the police couldn’t handle the situation well and murdered a young boy. It is important to add that the police did not suffer any consequences related to the murder of the boy. Using the case of Tamir Rice as a parallel, the authors demonstrated how it was a recurring problem in today’s society. The article mainly treated of the lack of organization on a supervisory level in a police department, causing these tragedies, but also mentioned cases of racial profiling. A lot of young people of colour have been shot or murdered by police officers. Mike Brown and Eric Garner are two examples of the consequences of the lack of management in a police department as well as racial profiling.


Racial profiling is something that should not be acceptable, and as long as police officers can get away with it, there is a fundamental problem in our society. Racism still exists. As a community and as a society, nobody should support this kind of attitude toward any other human being. The article encourages a new perspective on the racial issues in the country. It hints towards a change in attitude and support. 


I believe that the New York Times is a reliable source because it is a published journal that is recognised worldwide. 


I agree with you that in this case there are definitely elements of racial profiling. The death of Tamir Rice and many other innocent blacks is something that should not be happening in today's society. Which is what I'd like to say, but sadly and let's be honest, though we like to say that racism is gone, in reality it has never left and it still stands as one of the most important subjects in Contemporary Issues.

The racial tensions that cases like this brings forth are creating an unsustainable situation for American society. The Black Communities are losing more and more trusts in authorities and the White Authorities are getting more and more suspicious of the Blacks. As we can see in the Article when Martin Luther Day, a day that is supposed to be about unity is turned into another social battleground between the different sides. All of this has been rapidly eroding social unity in the US, where increasingly it seems that it is no longer a United States of America, but rather a Black America vs a White America. Which is a worrying and even terrifying situation for any nation state to be in, as it's own population divides and turn on themselves. As we've seen elsewhere and in history, this is the kind of recipe that breaks Nations.

While I have no great love for the US, neither do I wish it harm, and I sincerely hope that they can fix this. As it stands, the situation is unsustainable, something will blow up in the long run. If they want to remain stable and potentially even still exist as a single country, they must find a way to restore a sustainable social order.

Which brings me to my next point. I do not believe that the root of the problem lies with the police, though they definitely a share of the blame. The questionable performance of the police is really just the symptom of another contemporary issue plaguing the US right now. The way it's budget is spend, well the Article itself told us what they are doing. The budget of the police and other social initiatives have been cut, which resulted not only in a sharp increase in crimes, but also far fewer cops to deal with the crimes.

This is unsustainable for the reason that it produces tragedies like this case. Money is tight for them, so corruption and lazy becomes more attractive. There are less people so less cops doing work meaning that questionable people get hired and there are less people managing important logistical work. Reforms and investigations don't get through because there are not enough resources to get them done. So cops are overworked, have questionable training, have to make do with a decaying support system, it's not wonder things like this happen. And of course, events like this only increases their workload which only makes everything worse and make them even more overworked.

What I am getting at is that frankly, this seems to be a death spiral to me. Not only unsustainable, but actively damaging. The US Government needs to start reinvesting in and revitalizing public and social services in the US, because they need to actually support their own stuff for it to keep working, that is the only way for the situation to become sustainable.